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American Management Association

How to Think on Your Feet: Improv Skills for Business

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Use Improvisation Techniques to Exude Confidence

Would you like to become more adept at sharing your ideas on the spot? This 90-minute webinar offers you practical tips and techniques to build your “improv muscle.”

You’ll discover ways to deliver a polished performance even in high-stakes situations, such as important business meetings, sales discussions, and negotiations – where you need to shine when faced with the unexpected.

Listening actively, saying “yes-and,” and making confident choices are all key components. So is increasing your awareness of the underlying messages — both verbal and non-verbal — that are a part of any communication.

No need to be “fast on your feet” or “funny.” Instead, you will enhance your ability to pick up cues, speak effectively, and build on others’ comments. By trusting that you’ll know what to say and do, you will enrich your relationships and polish your personal brand.

Whether you identify as an introvert, speak English as a second language, or just wish to fortify your interpersonal skills, practicing these techniques will help you even in the most challenging business scenarios.

After 90 minutes, you'll possess a set of tools to meet the challenge when you face the unexpected.

What you will cover

  • The concept of “yes-and” and why it is so empowering
  • How to avoid “blocking” and using negative language that shuts down conversations
  • How an ordinary idea can be easily transformed into a brilliant one
  • How to answer tough questions on the spot – even if you can’t respond with “perfect answers”
  • Why you will seem more genuine if you don’t plan every word you are going to say
  • Techniques to use your body and your surroundings to buy time when asked challenging questions
  • How to connect in a way that is meaningful to your managers and colleagues.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Speak with confidence, even in pressure situations
  • Respond to difficult or unexpected questions
  • Listen beyond words
  • Quickly and confidently use others’ comments as a springboard
  • Communicate and connect with ease
  • Handle criticism more adeptly on the spot

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