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How to Read Your Employees' Nonverbal Signals (Body Language Basics for Managers)

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About the course

Discover What Employees are Telling You with their Gestures and Expressions

Learn How to Decode Body Language Now! Everyday interactions are filled with secret nonverbal cues just waiting to be understood. In fact, research shows that an amazing 60–80% of our communication is nonverbal.

As a manager, understanding nonverbal communication will give you a decisive advantage in every business deal, negotiation, and interaction.

When you understand body language, you’ll have the powerful ability to understand more about the person you are speaking with and what they truly mean.

So just what is it that others are telling you with their gestures and expressions?

In this course, we will explore how the face and body express emotions. We’ll even give you a few clues you can use to detect when others are lying to you. You’ll see real life examples and get tons of practical tips that you will be able to use right away.

Based on 20 years of research, the founders of the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business will explain how to interpret the key signals you’ve overlooked in the past. Patryk and Kasia Wezowski will inspire you to make a difference in the world around you by using a simple and innovative system that makes every personal interaction more powerful and meaningful.

How powerful is this communication tool? For one, this method has been taught in 15 countries to managers who now are able to know what someone is thinking without speaking.

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What you will cover

  • How to get a quick read on 101 of the most common body language positions
  • Ways to use 20 "Power Positions" to radiate charisma and authority
  • How to detect when somebody is lying to you or hiding something
  • 6 easy categories to use nonverbal communication at work and in your private life
  • Tactics for making a strong impression in presentations
  • Ways to get the upper hand in negotiations by responding nonverbally
  • 5 key principles for accurately interpreting nonverbal signals

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how body language is an important mode of communication
  • Use body language more effectively to increase your personal impact
  • Interpret and read the nonverbal signals of others
  • Apply body language in various business situations

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