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How to be a Successful Manager as an Introvert

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Get hands-on experience harnessing your strengths as an introvert

How successful can you be in business if you’re an introvert? Very—if you know how to harness your strengths. In a world dominated by extroverts, introverts have difficulties communicating effectively and can fade into the background. This seminar offers you practical techniques to raise your visibility and learn in a supportive environment of peers. You’ll discover how to manage your energy as an introvert and how to communicate confidently even when surrounded by extroverts. You’ll also learn to position yourself as a valued insider even if you do your best thinking outside the conference room.

You’ll Also Receive:

Receive a complimentary copy of Nancy Ancowitz's book Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead—an $18.95 value.

How You Will Benefit

  • Take actions to rein in negative self-talk
  • Initiate thinking habits to support your visibility
  • Learn and practice tactics for speaking compellingly to your audiences
  • Create a “marketing mix” of visibility-boosting activities
  • Promote an environment that engages extraverts and introverts
  • Optimize your results by balancing your people time vs. solo time

What You Will Cover

  • Finding visibility opportunities for yourself
  • Identifying the self-defeating messages that hold you back
  • Building your effectiveness at speaking up and getting heard
  • Getting recognition for your expertise
  • Increasing your professional network without feeling or coming off as pushy
  • Targeting your stakeholders more strategically
  • Working more harmoniously with other personality types


Learning Objectives

  • Identify Your Quiet Strengths as an Introvert and Use Them to Increase Your Success as a Manager
  • Communicate in Powerful Ways with Key Individuals Within an Organization
  • Describe Ways to Raise Visibility and Gain Recognition for Yourself and Your Team
  • Identify Strategies to Conserve Your Energy as an Introvert

Applying Your Strengths as an Introvert

  • Use Brain-Based Insights on What It Means to Be a Manager Who Is an Introvert
  • Describe Ways to Manage Your Self-Talk
  • List the Accomplishments and Behaviors That Lead to Managerial Success

Using Communication Skills

  • Describe Communication Behaviors That Build Strong Managerial Relationships and Capacity
  • Build Rapport, Use Social Talk, and Improve In-the-Moment Responses
  • Identify Strategies and Tools to Interact with Extrovert Direct Reports, Supervisors, and Stakeholders
  • Listen Actively and Speak Confidently in Meetings and at Organizational Events

Gaining Visibility for the Organization, the Team, and Yourself

  • Promote Yourself Without Bragging
  • Create a Marketing Mix of Visibility-Boosting Activities for the Organization, the Team, and Yourself
  • Apply Professional Network-Enhancing Strategies Without Being Pushy

Using Energy Wisely

  • Identify Strategic Ways to Structure Your Schedule to Manage Your Energy Efficiently

Troubleshooting Challenging Situations

  • Identify Strategies, Skills, Tools, and Techniques Learned Throughout This Seminar and Apply Them to Challenging Situations

Who should attend

Midlevel managers who recognize their tendencies to be introverted and want to strategically harness their strengths to maximum advantage.


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Detailed Description
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