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Who should attend

Highly-functional managers, with a clear professional trajectory, aspiring to become C-level top organizational leaders within multinational companies. Candidates may have around 10-15 years of professional experience and seek a dynamic program that offers practical solutions and managerial skills that will help them maintain an edge over the competition.

About the course

Each year we take on a small group of 20-30 leaders and work together to help you transform your future. In the last two years, we have brought together some fantastic participants from all over the world, and many different sectors, ready to step up and shape their business, to lead their futures. They have gone on to thrive in their own worlds, and are still part of the Global AMP community. You can join them.

Step up to lead the post-pandemic future

The Global AMP is more relevant than ever, as the global Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every market and business, demanding that leaders step up to think and act in new ways. As people around the world have shifted to digital technologies at home and work, we are likely to see an acceleration in new ways of working, new types of business, and new leaders.

The pandemic has acting as a catalyst for innovation, not just to survive through crisis and uncertainty, but to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Indeed it is no surprise that 57% of companies are founded in a downturn, and most innovations are born out of crisis too. Now, more than ever is the time when business needs leaders with new mindsets, new skills, and who can combine advanced learning with simultaneous business transformation.

Liquid format

To make the Global AMP even more accessible, practical, and applied to the changing needs of you and your business, we have enhanced the format. It will now take on a much more “liquid” learning structure, so that you can continue to work, and accelerate your leadership development, during these uncertain yet important times. The program will combine online and physical formats over a longer period, enabling you to learn more, apply more, and get more practical value from the experience.

Topical, practical content

The content is entirely updated, anticipating the changing needs of business and its people as we emerge from the recent Covid-19 crisis, and through the next decade – from the megatrends that drive global markets and intelligent technologies, to the convergence of markets and emergence of new business models, new ways of working and the challenges of leading for today, and tomorrow.

We look to the companies who are shaping the world right now – from Alibaba and Aerofarms, to Babylon and Bytedance. We will learn from many different sectors – from the rapidly changing world of healthcare and finance, fashion and retail, manufacturing and technology. How are they being shaped by AI and digital platforms, by 3D printing and ecosystems, emerging markets and new consumer agendas?

Transforming your business, transforming yourself

The program takes on a more dynamic learning style, helping your to explore how to transform yourself and your business, for a world of rapid and continuous change.

We’ve structured the four weeks into a practical yet exciting journey through the world of business – starting from the future megatrends to today’s growth drivers, exploring a world of disruptive innovations and energising organisations. In the mornings we zig, we explore all the best new ideas business, what matters for business. In the afternoon we zag. We shift venue – to a more relaxed venue – to reflect on the personal leadership challenges. What does it mean for me, my business and our future?

Deep dives, visiting some of the world’s leading businesses

Markets change so fast, that the ideas and insights of the text books rarely keep pace with reality. For that reason, we get real – taking you on a deep dive into four of the world’s most interesting businesses, one day each week.

We take you to the future of fashion, at Inditex’s innovative fast factory, to the future of banking, at BBVA’s innovation lab, to the future of manufacturing, with Airbus Industries, and the future of consumer goods, to an amazingly good vineyard!

Gamechanger project

In addition to exploring the very latest business ideas and theories, the program is highly personalised in two ways – coaching and project work. The “gamechanger” project is your opportunity to develop your own blueprint for transforming the future of your business, or a new business of your own.

You work one to one with the Academic Director in exploring and defining a new vision which you can take back, share with your business colleagues, and implement over time. It is supported by a Gamechanger Toolkit, and works alongside all modules, applying the learning to your own business, and future potential.

Personal coaching

The one to one leadership coaching program helps you to make sense of your own strengths and style, and coaches work with you to develop this, to respond to the new needs, and to prepare to step up to business leadership. It starts with an in-depth diagnostic of your leadership attitudes and behaviours, and then your coach works with you over time, independent from the rest of the program, as this is specifically about you.



Visionary leaders must be decisive. In such an uncertain business climate, calling the shots means facing up to new challenges. In this module, we explore the megatrends at the frontline of business disruption—the rise of emerging markets, new technologies and next-generation audiences—which put increased strain on resources, social fragmentation and climate change.

  • Sharp vision: Use your vision to shape the future and propel your business into the future.
  • Exponential technologies: Learn to harness the potential of new capabilities, from digital and big data to biotech, nanotech, AI and robotics.
  • Resource scarcity: Gain insight into the challenges posed by resource scarcity.
  • Human impacts: Engage in discussions centered around rethinking work, education, employment, aging, healthcare, happiness and more.
  • Future shaping: Use change to make better choices by harnessing value drivers and utilizing scenario planning.

Objective: Shape the future by harnessing the power of tech and taking on a human-centered approach to leadership.


Markets are complex, competitive and dynamic. As new audiences and possibilities for growth arise, old markets are rapidly replaced by new ones. Learn to identifying and revamp profitable growth opportunities in a world where digital markets have no limits. Find and define your purpose, then use it to take your organization to new heights.

  • Growth markets: Explore the changing nature of markets. Unlock new spaces based on new customers and modern solutions, driving your growth horizons.
  • Inspiring purpose: Define the purpose at the core of your business and discover how putting purpose before profit can transform your activities and success.
  • Modern customers: Understand the changing profiles and behaviors of 21st-century customers to connect and engage with them better.
  • New platforms: Harness the power of digital networks to create new market models that bring buyers and sellers together in new ways, unlocking new value.
  • Tools for growth: Utilize consumer data, digital networks and new business models to accelerate future growth.

Objective: Establish a crystal-clear purpose for your business that’s viable and future-proof.


In the modern business climate, disruption is everywhere. Whether it’s a startup challenging established giants, new technologies outpacing inefficient processes or customers challenging businesses to do better, the impact can be dramatic. Discover how to own the dynamic of disruption, harnessing it for company growth.

  • Rapid innovation: Embrace disruption by swiftly transforming ideas into new solutions and strategies.
  • Design thinking: Combine the power of creativity with business insights to design better solutions for products, services, experiences and business.
  • Sustainable ideas: Drive innovation in a way that is both profitable and sustainable for overcoming contemporary social and environmental challenges.
  • Business models: Open your mind to new ways of working, leveraging assets and partners to create an innovative environment.
  • Invincible companies: Harness disruption by consistently innovating for growth.

Objective: Take on a mindset of innovation: agile and ready to turn challenges into solutions.


Thriving organizations are those with relentless momentum and purpose at their cores. With a smart business model, positive culture never ceases in these types of companies, driving innovation and high performance. Learn how to transform, mobilize and energize your organization with a strategy that will cut through the noise in today’s fluctuating markets.

  • Winning strategies: Devise a strategy that’s guided by your company’s priorities and core purpose.
  • Decisive change: Make better-informed strategic decisions every day and put transformative strategy into action.
  • Rethinking processes: Revamp your organizational processes for maximum efficiency by leveraging strengths and addressing internal and external weaknesses.
  • Energizing people: Empower employees to engage with strategy to harness innovation and profit, unlocking the power of teams and a people-centered workplace culture.
  • Sustaining impact: Build flexibility into strategy to ensure your company can adapt to challenges in the short and long term.

Objective: Devise dynamic and sustainable business strategies in line with today’s world.


The best leaders amplify the potential of their teams and their business. An effective leadership style can hone innovation, talent and collaboration in organizations, steering long-term success through short-term goals. Develop a purpose-driven personal leadership style to bring in profit and progress.

  • Great leaders: Discover the secrets of great business leaders: value generation, employee engagement and results.
  • Authentic organizations: Elevate your company’s reputation by building trust and authenticity inside your organization and beyond.
  • Talent beacons: Attract, engage and retain the best people in an ideas-driven world—and inspire them to create the future.
  • High performance: Optimize your physical and mental wellbeing to become agile, resilient and high-performing.
  • Leadership style: Recognize your strongest leadership qualities and build them into your personal style.

Objective: Revolutionize how you lead others. Revolutionize your organization.

GAMECHANGERS PROJECT Throughout the program, you will work on a unique individual project. The Gamechangers Project tasks you with taking what you’ve learned in every module and applying it directly to your business in real time to identify and address your unique set of challenges and opportunities. You will develop an invaluable blueprint for the future through five specific outcomes—presented as maps—to assist your leadership transformation both personally and professionally.

These maps include:

  • Future Map: Develop a vision for the future of your industry. Define how you will shape it to best serve your business’ interests and seize the best opportunities for growth.
  • Growth Map: Shape your markets by forecasting where you will unlock opportunities and how you will engage with the changing customer landscape.
  • Innovation Map: Reinvent your business model to deliver future innovations in practical, efficient and profitable ways.
  • Organization Map: Harmonize your direction and strategy. Optimize your processes, people, metrics and performance to deliver results.
  • Impact Map: Define your role in leading your company or department to nurture a bright, inspiring and successful future.

Peer-to-peer presentations and close collaboration with tutors will guide your progress on the project. Your work will also be guided by the Leadership Development Plan, which includes personalized coaching sessions.


Steven MacGregor

Global expert in workplace health, wellbeing and performance with PhD and Master's degree in design thinking and virtual teams. Founder of The Leadership Academy of Barcelona with clients including Salesforce, McKinsey and Uber. Author or lead co-author of 6 books in the past 12 years, notably Ch...

Mia De Kuijper

Mia de Kuijper, MPP ’83, PhD ’83 economics, is the Senior Vice President and Strategy Advisor at Salesforce. Mia has successfully built and run companies and academic institutions. Her previous global corporate leadership positions have been at Royal Dutch Shell, PepsiCo, and AT&T, and she ha...

Terence Tse

This course focuses on a concept called Fast-Expanding Markets (FEM). Lately, there is a need to look at the current business environment in a new way; the concept of BRIC countries is no longer as relevant as it was before, and macroeconomic data no longer provide much insight into fast growing ...

Juan Carlos Pastor

Juan-Carlos Pastor is a professor of organizational behavior and the academic director of the Center for Global Leadership at IE. He teaches courses on Organizational Behavior, Leadership, coaching, and Managing People Skills. He earned an M.A. in Social Psychology from Clark University, a Ph.D....

Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk is a global thought leader in leadership and strategy, innovation and marketing. He is a bestselling author, expert consultant and keynote speaker, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is a thinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. H...

Jim Hagemann Snabe

Jim Hagemann Snabe is the Chairman of Siemens and Maersk, one of the world’s top leaders, leader of World Economic Forum council. Education Aarhus Universitet Intro PhDС Operational Research Aarhus Universitet Master of Business Administration (MBA) Operational Research, Financing Ribe Katedrals...

Mark Esposito

Mark Esposito, PhD, is recognized internationally as a top global thought leader in matters relating to The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the changes and opportunities that technology will bring to a variety of industries. He is Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Nexus FrontierTech, an AI s...

Rob-Jan de Jong

Rob-Jan de Jong is an international speaker, writer and consultant on strategy and leadership themes. He serves as an expert lecturer at various leading business schools such as the Wharton Business School (USA), Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA), Nyenrode Business University (The Net...


Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the global champion of project management. He has transformed project management into one of the central issues on every CEO’s 2030 agenda. He is the creator of concepts such as the “Hierarchy of Purpose” featured by Harvard Business Review, or the “Project Economy“; wh...


Verónica Reyero is a business anthropologist based in Valencia, Spain. She graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada and holds a Master’s degree in Rational Use of Medicines from the University of Valencia. As a researcher, Veronica has worked both in public and...

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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