Getting Results – the Absolutes to High Performance

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Getting better results on an ongoing basis is becoming a leadership mandate in nearly every organization around the world. This seminar is designed to help business leaders develop a framework with which to systematically increase their personal effectiveness and ability to achieve higher levels of performance. This dynamic, interactive and hands-on learning experience will: provide specific tools to help leaders better understand the causes of managerial failure; equip managers to better focus their people and themselves on desired outcomes; help leaders effectively equip their people to perform at higher levels; demonstrate the importance of creating a working environment that fosters better results; encouraging managers to maximize people power and will make a strong case for developing both people and processes in your quest for better results. Leaders attending this program will walk away knowing how to improve their performance and deliver better results when they go to work the very next day.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 15% Career Survival and Success in the 21st Century
    • The importance of getting better results on an ongoing basis Understanding the barriers to high performance
  • 15% Why Managers Fail to Get Desired Results
    • An analysis of the factors that cause managerial failure Creating a better understanding of the factors that drive high performance
  • 50% The 5 Absolutes for High Performance
    • The Practices of High Performance Business Leaders
    • Getting Everyone on the Same Page- The Power of Focus
    • Preparing For Battle- The Power of Preparation
    • Creating a Culture for High Performance- The Power of Climate
    • Nurturing Working Relationships - The Power of People
    • Developing People, Processes and Yourself as a Leader- The Power of Renewal
  • 20% How to Become a More Results-Oriented Leader
    • Conducting a leadership self-assessment on the practices that lead to better results
    • Developing a personal improvement game plan to become a more results oriented leader


  • Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Accelerating Performance Improvement, Adaptability, Creativeness, Decisiveness, Initiative, Leading Change
  • Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Leveraging Continuous Improvement Processes, Building Teamwork, Problem Identification, Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Developing Specific Plans, Determining Required Resources
  • Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Executing Performance Improvement Initiatives, Decision Making, Delegation, Coordination

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Clinton Longenecker

Dr. Clinton Longenecker is an award-winning business educator, researcher, author, motivational speaker, and executive coach who was recently recognized by The Economist as one of the top 15 business professors in the world. A thought leader in rapid performance improvement, Dr. Longenecker has p...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.