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About the course

In a business world increasingly challenged by climate change, and shifting consumer and investor priorities, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has exploded in popularity in recent years, changing the way corporates behave and making investors positive returns in the process. ESG assets are now forecast to hit $53 trillion by 2025, a third of global assets under management.

Investors are taking more interest in non-financial information as there is growing evidence showing a positive link between ESG and value creation. In some cases, investors are lowering the cost of capital for companies with better ESG scores by as much as 10%. Companies that are slow to address ESG issues are therefore at risk of losing the support of their key stakeholders as well as their license to operate.

This increasing interest in ESG is pressurising corporate boards and management teams to take a more active approach to integrating ESG into corporate strategy and focus on creating value for all stakeholders rather than the traditional focus on shareholders alone.

However, whilst there is no doubting the importance of ESG and its momentum, it is a relatively new business requirement with emerging standards and frameworks making corporate reporting a complex and confusing topic.

What you'll learn

  • Master the crucial ESG issues and trends including social issues highlighted by Covid-19, biodiversity, climate risk and the rise of impact investing
  • Understand the ESG market and its key influencers
  • Manage the implications of ESG from an investor and corporate perspective
  • Understand practical approaches on how to integrate ESG into the investment management process across asset classes
  • Cut through ‘alphabet soup’ jargon and fast changing regulatory landscape
  • Understand why ESG is now a Board level issue
  • Improve your corporate ESG practices and ratings
  • Think about ESG from a capital markets, investor relations and marketing standpoint
  • Analyse and integrate material ESG factors into your day role and stay ahead in your field
  • Invest personally in a more responsible way

How you'll learn

  • A module is released each week for five weeks
  • The learning is in bitesize chunks so it does not impact on your normal working day
  • You'll learn via video content, quizzes and other materials
  • You'll be able to interact with the trainer and other students on the discussion forum
  • After the five weeks is over, you have two months to review the material


Module 1: Introduction to ESG

  • What is ESG?
    • Key objectives
    • ESG drivers - How it emerged from sustainability and responsible investing
    • Rise of stakeholder vs shareholder capitalism
  • The ESG market and key influencers
  • Regulatory developments and important organisations
  • Geographical and regional differences
  • Is ESG over-hyped? Growth and performance of ESG

Module 2: ESG Terms and Topical Areas

  • Definition of Environmental, Social, Governance terms and their relationship
  • Assessing the impact of a company’s direct operations and supply chain on the environment
  • Evaluating a company’s social performance and governance values

Case Studies

  • Planning for climate change and TCFD alignment
  • Biodiversty
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Impact Investing

Module 3: Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

  • Why investors consider ESG issues
    • How to analyse ESG data versus traditional financial analysis
    • Common ESG investment strategies
    • Active ownership, stewardship and engagement
    • The rise of passive investing

How to integrate ESG into the investment processes and decisions across asset classes

  • Equities
  • Fixed income and green bonds
  • Private markets - integrating ESG into alternative assets portfolios including hedge funds, private equity, real state and infraestructure

Portfolio construction and reporting

  • Reviewing returns and performance
  • Quantitative vs. qualitative analysis and approaches
  • Sector and thematic exposure

Case Studies

  • ESG integration across asset classes

Module 4: Corporate Response to ESG

  • Why ESG is a Board level issue
    • Using ESG to support long term risk management
  • Understanding the alphabet soup of ESG
    • Reporting, guidance, third-party aggregator frameworks, rating agencies and associated issues
  • Developing an effective step by step ESG programme and understanding what is right for you
  • Materiality assessment (SASB), audits and benchmarking, devising an ESG policy, best practices for ESG metrics and KPIs, reporting, disclosure and stakeholder engagement strategy
  • ESG in capital markets

Corporate Case Studies

  • E - Nike
  • S - Tech Companies
  • G - Rio Tinto

Module 5: Responsible investing, what can you do?

  • Changing the way we save and invest without sacrificing returns
  • ESG marketing and greenwashing
  • Engage or divest?
  • Investing themes to accelerate the path towards a more sustainable future
    • Renewable energy
    • Energy efficiency
    • Transport
    • Health and nutrition
  • What is next for ESG?

Case Studies

  • Energy companies


Toby Bates

Toby is an experienced strategic communications professional with 20 years of combined in-house and advisory experience. He has a unique perspective on the internal and external challenges facing senior management and communications teams. He works with major players from across the ESG and impa...

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Focus on ESG at IFF Training

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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