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Fixed Income: Markets, Securities and Institutions

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About the course

Gain an authoritative overview of the critical players and institutions that shape the market, while also developing key valuation and risk management techniques.

The Fixed Income: Markets, Securities and Institutions course has been designed to equip professionals working in financial services with a deeper understanding of the key concepts and institutional knowledge that underpins the world’s largest and most complex market.

Taught by Professor Ian Martin and Dr Martin Oehmke, leading faculty members of #1 Finance department in Europe, this unique course attracts interest from a wide range of senior professionals from across the world. Small classes of carefully selected participants help ensure an engaging and highly effective learning experience that includes interactive lectures, hands-on exercises and lively classroom discussions with faculty and peers.


  • Learn with leading academics whose research and industry engagement helps influence markets and financial institutions
  • Gain a truly global perspective by learning with an international peer group
  • Develop a broader view of Fixed Income markets through engaging with participants from a wide range of financial institutions
  • Extend your professional network

Course content

Taught over five days, participants will cover the following topics:

  • Gain valuable insight into treasury markets and other government bond markets, including hands-on practice in bond valuation, interest rate risk analysis, and in interpreting the behaviour of the yield curve
  • Engage with recent research that demonstrates the influence and role of central banks through conventional and unconventional monetary policy
  • Achieve a broad understanding of the key money markets: the Federal funds market, the Eurodollar market and benchmark interest rates such as LIBOR
  • Understand the LIBOR scandal and debate the current and future impact of LIBOR market reform
  • Gain insight into the role of forward and interest-rate swap markets and master key valuation and risk management techniques
  • Study secured funding (repo) markets, including the role of these markets during the financial crisis
  • Learn about the credit risk and CDS markets
  • Explore securitisation and CDOs and their role in recent market turmoil, and discuss the future of these financial instruments

Who should attend

This course has been designed for professionals who interact with fixed income markets and would gain from a deeper understanding of these markets and likely future trends. Participants may include:

  • Financial services and insurance executives
  • Family offices, pension fund and sovereign wealth fund managers
  • Portfolio and asset managers
  • Central bankers, regulators and policy makers
  • Lawyers with an interest in securities markets
  • Journalists with a focus on markets and the economy
  • Senior bankers
  • Economists

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Martin Oehmke

ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS: London School of Economics Associate Professor of Finance (2017-present) Visiting Associate Professor of Finance (2015-2017) Columbia University, Graduate School of Business Roger F. Murray Associate Professor of Finance (2015-2017, tenured July 2016) Associate Professor ...


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