Fintech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services

National University of Singapore

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  • 2 months
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National University of Singapore


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About the course

Why Enrol for the Programme?

Emerging financial technologies continue to impact how companies do business and how people handle digital transactions. From Alibaba to Grab to Gojek, some of the world’s most renowned and successful companies have evolved and expanded their offerings by adapting the FinTech methodology. When you enrol in the FinTech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services Programme, you can explore how to create and extract value for your organisation via the application of key financial technologies, like blockchain and AI.

This programme is for individual consultants, team leaders, product managers and those responsible for driving innovation and business outcomes, whether you are a part of a start-up or a medium or large enterprise.

Representative roles and industries that can benefit include:

  • Start-up CXOs, executive directors, presidents, principals, partners or co-founders of service providers to the banking and financial services sector
  • Strategy/financial consultants, including wealth advisors, principal consultants, and digital transformation consultants
  • Managers serving in risk/general management, operations, and marketing/sales
  • Technology-driven industries where financial applications are critical, including information technology, ecommerce and FinTech

Case Studies


Take a closer look at how M-Pesa—the mobile-based money transfer, payment and micro-financing digital tech service—empowered Kenya’s economy and its consumers.


Explore how AXA used the Ethereum’s public blockchain to develop Fizzy, a parametric insurance solution for delayed flights.


Understand how blockchain helped to improve operational efficiencies wherein banks both clear and settle payment transactions on a single network in real time.

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Discuss the newly introduced Payment Services Act and how it encourages innovation and growth of Fintech.


Study how Grab has evolved and expanded its offerings by adapting the FinTech methodology.


Examine how GoJek entered the industry and expanded its database by predicting customers’ movements, schedules and financial habits.

Programme Learning Journey

Module 1: FinTech: Introduction and Overview

  • What Is FinTech?
  • Drivers of FinTechHow Is FinTech Transforming Finance?
  • FinTech Innovation Using Smart Phones
  • FinTech Innovation Using Cloud Computing
  • FinTech Innovation Using AI and Machine Learning
  • FinTech Innovation Using Internet of Things
  • FinTech Innovation Using BlockchainEmerging Sectors in FinTech
  • Global Statistics for FinTech

Module 2: A Framework for FinTech Innovation

  • A Framework for FinTech Innovation: Introduction
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Applying First Principles to Financial Services
  • First Principles Case Study: M-Pesa
  • Design Sprint: Overview
  • Application of Design Sprint

Module 3: FinTech Innovations: Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts

  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Blockchain and its Key Concepts
  • Cryptography in Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Addresses and Transactions
  • Bitcoin MiningBlockchain Security
  • Smart Contracts and Ethereum
  • Crowdfunding on Blockchain Using ICOs

Module 4: FinTech Innovations: Stablecoins and Enterprise Blockchain

  • Stablecoins
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Applications of Blockchain in Finance
  • FinTech Case study: Project Ubin
  • Blockchain Solution Framework
  • Case Study Certifications on Blockchain


Ernie Teo

Ernie Teo is a tech economist with a specialization blockchain and fintech. He is Chief Technology Officer at JEDTrade, where he leads the research and development of the blockchain platform, Jupiter Chain. Ernie is active in the blockchain community in Singapore, giving talks and seminars both...

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Fintech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services at National University of Singapore

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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