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Jan 27—29, 2020
3 days
Bengaluru, India
INR 90000 ≈USD 1256
INR 30000 per day


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About the course

This is a capstone program designed to deliver critical insights in strategic finance aimed at shaping the thought process of entrepreneurs, business leaders and strategic decision-makers in business. It enables to understand and inter-connect the key variables that shape financial risk-taking and decision-making in strategic business decisions such as corporate structure, value creation, ownership and control, business financing and fund raising and prudent financial practices.

In an era of increasing entrepreneurism and business risk-taking, it is imperative for entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand finance as a strategic function in business, comprehend the strategic interpretation of financial statements and analysis, understand the pros and cons of using leverage for growth and the financial implications of value creation and its measurement. At the same time, effective business leaders need to engage well with financial stakeholders and markets, provide effective board level oversight and be able to connect the external financial environment to their own business. This master class intends to provide a definitive approach to all the above aspects of strategic finance.


  • Macroeconomics and Business Context - Economic Policy, Key economic variables impacting business outcomes, Moderating economic risk in business performance
  • Financial Landscape and Business Environment - Financial Systems and Markets, Generation and impact of capital flows, de-regulation
  • Financial Framework for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders – Risk-return trade-off, Equity, Debt and WACC perspective for business.
  • Value Creation and Measurement – value creation and its benefits, need for value measurement, valuation approaches, drivers to business value
  • Understanding Corporate Structure – Corporate constitution, diversification vis-a-vis conglomerisation, WOS and Joint Venture, principles and tax structuring for domestic and cross-border business.
  • Business Finance - Ownership and Control – Majority control, minority rights, equity dilution, stake sale and divestiture, managing external shareholders.
  • Business Financing – Equity Fund Raising – Business Plans and Start-up financing, Venture Capital and institutional fund raise.
  • Business Financing – Debt Fund Raising – Start-up debt financing, Planning and Structuring large investments, project financing.
  • Business Financing – Growth Capital Financing – Private Equity, Capital Market Financing and Listing Decision.
  • Key Aspects of Fund Raising – Process Overview, Preparedness, Due Diligence, Term Sheets
  • Financial Prudence – Connecting the Dots - Capital Structuring and leveraging, Startegic view of Financial Statements, Free cash Flow and Reinvestment decision.
  • Good Financial Practices - Corporate Excellence – Board governance and institutionalisation, enhancing value, engagement with financial stakeholders and financial markets.
  • Group Discussions / Presentations by Groups
  • Guest Session by Entrepreneur / Business Leader / Catalyst

Who should attend

  • Start-up entrepreneurs, heads of family managed enterprises, Business Heads, CXOs, Directors and Strategic Decision makers in business.
  • Mid to Senior level corporate executives in Business Finance dealing with strategic finance.
  • Finance practitioners, consulting firms, investment banks, advisors providing corporate financial strategy and financial consulting services.
  • Independent directors and corporate advisors dealing with strategic finance as[ects of business or as functional experts.
  • Academics and students who are looking out for strategic insights into the practical aspects of business finance and decision-making.

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Ashok Thampy

Professor Thampy’s areas of interest are Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management, Industrial Economics, Banking, and Regulation. Research His current research is in Corporate Finance and Banking. Teaching He teaches corporate finance and banking in the MBA and executive education program...


Pratap Giri

Mr. Pratap Giri S., B.Com, FCA, FCS, MIOD is a rank holder in the Chartered Accountancy final Examination with post-qualification experience of 29 years. He has been a practitioner and consultant for the past 22 years in the area of corporate advisory and investment banking. He specialises in str...


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