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KTH Executive School

Executive Program in Industrial Management

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Aug 27, 2019—Mar 20, 2020
20 daysModules info
Stockholm, Sweeden
SEK 235000 ≈USD 24911
SEK 11750 per day


Focuses on the particular challenges and opportunities that arise within industrial enterprises where e.g. raw material, components, subsystems, sensors, ICT, software and knowledge are transformed into a variety of products, systems, solutions and knowledge-based services.

To develop and implement new businesses, new strategies and new ways to operate, are some of the most important and demanding undertakings senior managers, officers and key people in all manufacturing industries face. It is demanding, partly because the properties of the core technologies and technology systems applied must be taken into account. Likewise, the characteristics of the industry and the business environment, with its political, economic, sociological and environmental change drivers also need to be considered. Drivers now manifested in an accelerated development and deployment of new technologies, in new geopolitical realities and in commanding sustainability objectives.

The program is designed to deliver the know-how, the broadened perspectives and the inspiration required in order to excel in these important and demanding undertakings.

Themes in the program

  • Business environment and business strategy
  • Technology shifts and change of technology
  • Customer value-driven business development and sales
  • Value-based R&D management
  • Global sourcing and production
  • Leading and communicating change in an international business
  • Connecting themes and perspectives for 2018
  • Personal plan and commitment: The program ends with each participant making their own convincing presentation of an initiative they, together with a sponsor in their company, have decided to suggest or drive through. The purpose of this is to secure that the participants will have the ambition to effectively transform their learnings into value for their own company.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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