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Executive Change Leadership – How to Lead Through Change

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About the course

Change is a core part of today's business world. To achieve success through change, organizations need to know how to adapt and evolve. This program will help you turn change from a liability into an asset. You'll return to your organization knowing how to build an organization that thrives because of change, not in spite of it.

Why this Program?

This program is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to use change to create a healthier and stronger organization. You will learn strategies for leading through change to increase organizational growth and performance. Whether you are just getting started with a major initiative, in the middle or even winding down a change, this program will help you succeed.

Through this program, you will discover:

  • Clear, practical strategies that enable you to eliminate resistance to change immediately
  • New tools to increase your organization’s capacity for change
  • A greater return on time, money, and resources when implementing change
  • Information and skills to reduce the risks associated with change
  • Specific tactics to help make your organization’s grapevine work for your change efforts instead of against them

Who should attend

This program is designed for executive and senior leaders who are implementing change and want to get a greater return on their investment.

Trust the experts

Dawn-Marie Turner

Dr. Turner is an author of the best selling book: “Launch Lead Live: the executive’s guide to preventing resistance and succeeding with organizational change.” She is also a certified management consultant (CMC), international researcher, educator, and speaker. Dr. Turner developed DEAM©, an orga...


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