Execution: Building A Culture of Accountability and Performance


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About the course

Careers are formed by a reputation of delivering results. Delivering consistent results is a known key ingredient to getting promoted in business, yet we have researched why so many middle and senior leaders do not understand the power of personal and organizational accountability. Team performance starts with individual manager accountability, but why do so many leaders fail to be accountable role models? Goals that are initiated but never get accomplished creates a relentless cycle of hope and disappointment for CEOs, their customers and their people. No one wants to be the one who drops the proverbial ball, yet in spite of best intentions, fumbling is a way of life in most businesses. The reasons why are understandable. Doing business in the 21st century seems to become complex and complicated nearly every day. But customers don’t care about your company’s chaos; they’re only interested in your business delivering on its promises. In fact, few factors will differentiate your company, for better or worse, than how faithfully it does what it says it will do. Many executives are searching for the “holy grail” that will transform their people’s efforts into desired results and ensure commitments are kept. Most organizations have even implemented some type of solution to this end. Unfortunately, more than 90% of companies we are introduced to fail to use their solution effectively. The reasons for this are many, but in the end the root cause is always the same: the company has failed to make accountability and performance cultural norms. A true culture of accountability and performance allows executives to worry less and simply trust their management team to run the business. It clarifies expectations at every level of the organization and ensures that efforts or intentions are not confused with outcomes. If missed opportunity, failure to execute consistently, and broken promises are hurting your business, this session will significantly help. Imagine having an entire management team that demonstrates personal accountability and desired performance every day. You will replace the word “busy” with the word “focused.”

Topics covered

Performance clarity

  • Reduce your team’s turnover- with timely coaching and feedback
  • Linking your coaching and feedback to accomplishing your team’s goals
  • The role of coaching and feedback with your top-performers

Mastering the art and science of coaching and feedback

  • The impact on your coaching and feedback on your team’s morale
  • How to target your coaching and feedback for millennials

What great leaders do differently

  • Providing custom coaching and feedback for each of your team members
  • Few managers () have the total package
  • Triple your chances of getting promoted

The behaviors of great leaders

  • Linking coaching and feedback to your company’s accountability system
  • How to link coaching and feedback to staff members performance
  • Connecting your coaching to managing up- to your manager

Aligning your personal growth & development to your career goals

  • Learn strategic skills and steps to apply your coaching to millennials
  • Design your personal individual plan in this workshop- to grow as a manager
  • Target your performance coaching development- toward your next promotion

Reading the correct style of coaching for each team member

  • Linking coaching to delivering results for your team-delegation
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend following up on assignments with staff


John Lankford

Four-time winner of the Business Advisor of the Year in North America, John D. Lankford is passionate about development, performance and results. An expert in executive coaching and developing leadership talent, his fun and lively approach motivates others to embrace development and innovative id...

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Execution: Building A Culture of Accountability and Performance at IMS

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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