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Management Concepts

Ethics in the Grants Environment

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Ethics training for Federal agency grants personnel is not only vital to effectively monitoring awards, but is also required by law. The Office of Government Ethics requires Federal agencies to provide annual ethics training for all employees. You will go beyond standard ethics training and learn about standards of conduct, managing and avoiding conflicts of interest, privacy protection requirements, and lobbying restrictions within the context of Federal grants. This is an elective course in the Federal Track of the GMCP™.

Learning Objectives

  • Review legislative actions and judicial decisions that affect the standards of ethical conduct for executive branch employees
  • Determine whether actions of federal personnel comply with the regulations at 5 CFR 2635
  • Review and discuss agency appeals board cases dealing with ethical issues such as unlawful representation by employees after retirement and payments to federal employees by recipients
  • Discuss restrictions on requirements that agencies can impose on recipients
  • Explore methods for ensuring fairness in the grant review and award process
  • Analyze agency activities to determine whether they violate restrictions on lobbying

Course Topics

Standards of Conduct

  • Standards of Conduct for Executive Branch Employees
  • Gifts from Outside Sources
  • Misuse of Public Office
  • Outside Activities
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • The “Revolving Door” Issue

Government Involvement with Recipients

  • Duties of Grants and Program Personnel
  • Adhering to the Standards of Conduct in the Grants Environment
  • Areas of Special Concern in the Grants Environment

Grant Application Review Issues

  • Introduction
  • Peer Review Issues
  • Protecting Privacy of Applicants

Program Fraud and Abuse

  • What is Program Fraud and Abuse?
  • Ethics and Program Fraud

Restrictions on Lobbying

  • Entities Subject to Restrictions on Lobbying
  • Lobbying Restrictions on Recipients
  • Prohibitions on Lobbying by Agencies
  • Lobbying Restrictions Under 2 CFR 200

Who should attend

Federal agency grants and program personnel who award or monitor grants or cooperative agreements will benefit from this course.

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