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Ethics in Action — Leading With Integrity

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About the course

Gain greater self-awareness, tools for moral reasoning and a sound ethical framework for everyday decision making. During the course, you explore the meaning of integrity, values and beliefs and how these attributes affect behavior. Class discussions examine the call to public service and issues of the interest to the American people.

“The course helps leaders understand why good people do bad things. Students learn how to identify risky situations and environments. Critical-thinking frameworks provide personal and organizational processes for anticipating and resolving behavioral problems — helping individuals and organizations achieve their public-service missions.” – Lamar Pierce, Academic director and class instructor, Master of Science in Leadership

OPM Competencies:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty

MSL Credit Hours: 1

Program Benefits:

  • Drive ethical public sector decision making in your agency
  • Increase your self-knowledge, which, in turn, increases your ability to engage honestly with others, build trust and promote collaboration
  • Increase your appreciation of personal responsibilities within bureaucratic frameworks

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