Rotterdam School of Management

Available dates

Mar 2—4, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 2900 ≈USD 3304
EUR 966 per day
Jun 10—12, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 2900 ≈USD 3304
EUR 966 per day
Sep 28—30, 2020
3 days
Rotterdam, Netherlands
EUR 2900 ≈USD 3304
EUR 966 per day
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About the course

Leadership doesn’t only rest exclusively in the hands of the leader. To get your business going, you have to get your people on board. This three-day programme by RSM Executive Education will boost your skills to inspire, engage and motivate others, and teaches you the power of presence to reach your organisation’s goals.

You will learn new perspectives and techniques to reach your highest personal and professional potentials as a leader, including how to build trust, manage conflict, use positive emotions for successful decision-making, and implement effective time management. Your new non-verbal communication skills, such as presence and body language, will motivate and inspire people to achieve their best. You will also create an awareness and expansion of your repertoire as a leader. Connect, inspire and motivate your team by having your message congruent with your body language and voice.

Key benefits

By participating in the Essentials of Leadership programme, you will:

  • gain key insights on how to be a successful leader in today’s challenging business climate
  • learn practical skills, time management applications and work values to develop your own leadership style
  • investigate tools to mobilise and nurture the talents of the people in your team
  • discover how to build effective networks and grow social capital
  • inspire people around you
  • learn how to lead effectively under pressure
  • explore how you can present yourself effectively
  • connect with others and build trust more quickly.

To ensure that your new knowledge and skills stay optimal for the long term, we created a mobile training reinforcement system for all Essentials of Leadership participants. The programme will have a more sustainable impact through this cloud-based feature. The highly secure application sends programme updates and reinforcement content almost weekly to your laptop, smartphone and tablet for 24 months after your participation in the Essentials of Leadership programme. Research from training reinforcement leader Mindmarker shows that your learnings by reinforcement can increase your productivity with up to 79 per cent.

Who should attend

As a manager, you can boost your skills through the Essentials of Leadership programme whether you are newly appointed or experienced at senior-level management. You will especially benefit from, this programme if you are:

  • committed to achieve leadership excellence in yourself and others
  • a project manager, team leader, or senior specialist
  • working in a management, consulting or sales position.

Trust the experts

Patrick Lybaert

Patrick Lybaert is visiting faculty at RSM and delivers leadership development seminars in executive coaching, organisational growth and development, team management, and culture change. He is a qualified user of a wide range of diagnostic assessment instruments and founder of the Executive Leade...


Milly Obdeijn

Milly Obdeijn is a trainer and executive presence coach with a professional performance background in dance. She has BA degrees in social pedagogical studies, and in creative dance. Working with like-minded creative artists from the performing arts she designed methods to help people in business ...


Antonie Knoppers

Antonie Knoppers is an actor, facilitator, and executive presence coach. He has a passion for acting as well as for guiding leaders to reach their full potential. He has worked with a variety of corporate clients. His goal in executive education is to bring out the leader in everyone, by creating...


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