Envisioning 5G IoT Solutions

NUS Institute of Systems Science

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NUS Institute of Systems Science


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Who should attend

This course is intended for IT managers, solution architects and other technical staff as well as technology-oriented business executives who wish to learn about the domain of 5G and IoT to be able to envision and design 5G and IoT solutions appropriately in their organisations. This course will benefit any industry, including transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and defence.

About the course

With Internet of Things (IoT) trending up in adoption and the Singapore government’s focus on the Smart City, Smart Nation and Smart Energy Management Systems Initiatives, there is an increasing interest amongst companies and start-ups in all aspects of the Smart Nation ecosystem. IoT is a key foundation platform of today’s vision of Smart City, Smart Nation and Smart Energy Management Systems. However, this vision is currently still far from being a reality due to the severe limitations of current network technologies, which mainly hinder the scalability of current IoT systems.

5G, which is the planned successor to the current 4G networks, can make possible new applications in IoT. Due to its superior advantages (e.g., larger bandwidth, higher speeds, lower latency, and ability to densely connect as compared to its 3G/4G counterparts), it enhances the real-time and connectivity capabilities of IoT systems. Figure 1 provides a better understanding on the importance of 5G IoT for certain futuristic applications, which require very low latency capabilities. 5G can potentially enable us to fulfil Singapore’s vision of being a Smart City filled with autonomous cars, mass IoT devices (medical, surveillance, cleaning), smart homes/buildings and smart utilities/infrastructure.

This course will describe 5G and IoT including its enabling technologies and processes, and how it is transforming the digital landscape to improve quality of life and business efficiency. The focus will be on designing suitable solutions involving 5G and IoT technologies in a variety of different scenarios, which will evolve around handpicked ITU-recommended use cases such as smart city, smart home/building e-health, self-driving cars, and augmented reality (Figure 2). These examples will represent the bedrock of this course, particularly for 5G related topics.

The course is a 3.0-day course comprising nine modules, one learning fieldtrip and one workshop. The course will cover an overview of the entire 5G and IoT environment, an overview of the IoT lifecycle, 5G Enabling Technologies, cloud services and more. Critical skills like envisioning and evaluation framework and service design in the context of 5G and IoT will also be taught. Lastly, the course will enable participants to know how to gear their organisation and industry towards IoT and 5G adoption through building a conducive ecosystem and the various security areas to be aware of.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand 5G and IoT, trends in 5G and IoT and how it supports the vision of the Smart Nation
  • Understand the components of 5G and IoT systems; particularly in enabling technologies for 5G
  • Be able to assess the relevance and feasibility of 5G for various systems within their organisations
  • Be able to design and evaluate 5G and IoT solutions
  • Learn about building a conducive ecosystem within organisations and industries to be ready for 5G and IoT transformation
  • Be able to address security in their 5G and IoT adoption

What Will Be Covered

  • Introduction to 5G and IoT for our Smart Nation
  • Overview of the IoT lifecycle: Sense, Ingest, Process, Analyse and Respond
  • 5G Enabling Technologies
  • Overview of Cloud IoT services
  • 5G and IoT Envisioning and Evaluation Framework
  • Service Design Thinking with 5G and IoT
  • Workshop on Application of the 5G and IoT Envisioning and Evaluation Framework to Enterprise-Specific Scenarios
  • Field trip for 5G and IoT service design solutioning
  • Building an Ecosystem for 5G IoT Transformation
  • Trends and the future of 5G and IoT
  • Security in 5G and IoT


Matthew Chua

Dr Matthew Chua, BEng, CSM, PMP, PhD, is currently a lecturer and principal investigator at the NUS Institute of System Science where he specializes in Medical & Cybernetics Systems. He is overseeing the research programme in Smart Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics. He...

Nicholas Ho

Nicholas is currently an adjunct lecturer at the NUS Institute of System Science. Experienced in the mechanical engineering field, he specializes in state-of-the-art Industrial 4.0 technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and ...

Ng Kok Leong

Educational Qualifications/Professional Certifications Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Melbourne Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Information Systems, National University of Singapore Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Technology), Nanyang Technological Univ...

Envisioning 5G IoT Solutions at NUS Institute of Systems Science

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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