Employee Experience Management: Getting Your Employees Engaged Again


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Who should attend

  • Experienced HR managers and executives who want to help create a high-performance employee experience.
  • Business leaders who are ready to look beyond the traditional rules of employee engagement and achieve their business goals through remarkable employee experiences.

About the course

You already know that tomorrow’s workplace and talent market will be different. Talent demands a new way of working. Many employees want to structurally blend working at the office, home, or even in the park (or a beach in Bali!). They prefer personal development and recognition over a ‘predictable career’. They want to engage with colleagues. Expand their potential. Make the world a better place.

Meanwhile, uncertainty and complexity are on the rise. And your business needs to become less fragile. Continuously reshape the organization and workforce to whatever new challenges appear on the horizon. Increase flexibility by reducing the fixed office footprint and introducing a bit more hotdesking and digitalization. Or even a swanky all-staff off-site (in Bali?).

In this new reality, HR needs to provide more than a stable job and a pension scheme.

As an HR leader, you need to reshape the concept of work itself. The workflow, the employee experience, perhaps even the way your office looks and functions.

This programme shows you how to best approach this. Through a case-based approach, we’ll explore how to create:

  • a differentiated employee experience that attracts, develops and retains the right talent;
  • a hybrid workflow that blends on-site, at-home and on-the-road into a balanced, effective mix.
  • employee-friendly workspaces that increase productivity, connectedness and overall well-being while encouraging behaviours that are aligned to your company objectives.

How will you benefit?

  • After taking this programme, you will be more able to:
  • navigate the rational, emotional, aspirational and social aspects of employee satisfaction, engagement and motivation.
  • formulate clear and actionable employee experience standards for every stage of the employment journey.
  • examine your company’s workflow orthodoxies and re-determine where and when work sh/could be done.
  • create @office, @home and @ontheroad workspaces that foster productivity, connectedness and wellbeing.
  • get leadership team buy-in and support for your ‘employee experience’ efforts.
  • measure and demonstrate progress in terms that are relevant to the business, while continuously creating opportunities to improve.
  • Use diagnostics to understand how your department or function currently operates, identify how you would like your function to operate and conduct a three-month follow-up to identify the changes you have implemented from the courses.

What will you learn and practice?

This 4-session programme is highly interactive and will include ‘real cases’ from organizations that recently re-imagined their employee experience, workflow and office reality. While introducing a practical framework for action, the programme largely focuses on the ‘application’ of the new insights you gain to your situation.

You will use metrics to guide implementation, create a roadmap for change and measure the impact of new ideas presented in the courses.


Principles of employee experience management

  • How the right employee experience creates engagement and business results.
  • The employee experience framework as a step-by-step action guide.
  • How to plan your employee experience programme.


Working with employee insights

  • The importance of rational, emotional, aspirational and social employee insights.
  • Case: The Europe HQ Experience: Describing employee insights.
  • Individual work: Prototyping first employee insights in your business.
  • Group discussion: Individual employee insight prototypes.
  • How to further refine and validate first employee insights.
  • How to communicate employee insights to the rest of the business.


Setting experience standards

  • The role of employee experience basics, delighters and career highlights.
  • Case: The Europe HQ Experience: making experience standards actionable.
  • Application: Prototyping first employee experience standards in your business.
  • Group discussion: Individual experience standard prototypes.
  • You can’t do it all: simplify and prioritize employee experience standards.
  • A practical guide to introduce employee experience standards to the organization.


The new workplace/flow

  • The natural hybrid workflow vs. the traditional office orthodoxy.
  • How the work environment can influence behaviour.
  • CASE: The London City Project: Crafting the post-covid office.
  • Application: Prototyping a new workflow/office for your company.
  • Group discussion: Individual workflow/office prototypes.
  • You will get it wrong: how to use experimentation and measurements to continuously improve.
  • How to gain support for your new workflow/office ideas to the business.


Implementing the new employee experience reality

  • Crafting an employee experience programme that your leadership teams are willing, skilled and able to support.
  • How to measure and demonstrate the impact of an ‘upgraded’ employee experience.
  • Application: develop your personal employee experience action plan.


To truly tailor your experience and ensure you’ll get the maximum value of any new insights, the programme’s content will be reinforced with two self-assessments:

  • Before the first programme session, you’ll evaluate how your business manages the employee experience today.
  • At the end of the programme, you’ll describe how you would like your company to operate in the future.

Combined with the contents of the programme, these two measurements give you a first starting point to measurably improve the employee experience in your organization.


For those interested, two optional implementation reviews can be organized to discuss progress and longer-term achievements (which can be part of a third measurement).

  • MCE experts can provide personalized coaching to help you apply the insights and frameworks from the programme in your business.
  • A customized version of the programme can be delivered to inspire your HR teams or help them act on their employee experience ambitions.
  • In case you want truly in-depth support, our specialists and trusted partners are available to provide hands-on assistance in (re)designing your employee experience and or workflow/offices.

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Employee Experience Management: Getting Your Employees Engaged Again at MCE

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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