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This is a hybrid course, meaning that class will meet on-campus one Friday/Saturday each month and online each Monday evening.

The following sections will be offered the first half of the semester: GAFL 500-028 Elements of Data Analytics GAFL 500-022 Project Management and the Public Sector

The following sections will be offered the second half of the semester: GAFL 500-029 Communicating with Data GAFL 500-012 Organizational Leadership and Communication

About GAFL500-028 Elements of Data Analytics:

Elements of Data Analytics will explore different methods of data collection, taking students through research design and methodology, up to the point of analysis (to be covered in future classes within the Fels coursework). Starting with a review of existing data sources, we will cover methods of data collection - quantitative, survey, and qualitative. The course will help students identify the best approach to collecting data to answer research/evaluation questions. The course will also cover data limitations, and publically available resources for data access. This half credit course will provide students helpful information to prepare them for the second part of this semester course, GAFL500-029, but students are not required to take GAFL500-029 after taking this course, and students are not required to have taken GAFL500-028 to take GAFL500-029.

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Degrees B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics: University of Pennsylvania M.P.A. in Government: University of Pennsylvania Bio Kasey Meehan is a Research Associate at RFA, where she works on multiple mixed-methods projects primarily focused on postsecondary education and how statewide p...


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