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Effective Data Visualization for the Data-Driven Organisation

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About the course

The amount and complexity of data produced in the business world is increasing at a staggering rate. The amount of information is overwhelming, not because there is too much of it but because we do not know how to tame it. Data visualisation through charts and graphs has been a preferred way of mining and communicating business insights and information. Though the time spent on creation of charts has reduced due to proliferation of software and tools, a majority of these charts fail to convey the intended message because they are badly designed. The programme focuses on the tools and techniques in data visualisation to leverage data including correctly designed static charts and dynamic interactive visualisations. This programme would help decision-makers to quickly examine large amounts of data, expose trends and issues efficiently, exchange ideas with key players, and influence the decisions that will ultimately lead to success.

The participants of the programme will learn design practices for visualisation along with visualisation as a means of data analysis and communication. Ample hands-on sessions and demos will help the participants not only grasp the fundamentals of business data visualisation but also expose them to the cutting edge tools in this area.

Among others, participants will learn to:

  • Design graphics and tables better to conveyintended message
  • Understand visual perception and its applications to quantitative communication
  • Perform exploratory analysis to generate and test business hypotheses
  • Design effective dashboards
  • Convey a story using data

Programme Highlights

The following topics will be covered (but will not be limited to) in the programme:

  • Correct usage of tables versus graphs
  • Seven important quantitative relationships in business graphs
  • Visual perception and its application to quantitative information
  • Best practices of graph design
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Interactive graphics
  • Creating effective dashboards
  • Constructs for advanced analysis
  • Story-telling using graphics

Who should attend

This programme is intended for all those whose work requires them to make sense of quantitative business data. It is ideal for practitioners, managers, and decision-makers who want to use data visualisation for better decision-making and in-depth understanding of information using hands-on techniques and related business cases to understand the concept.

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