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May 25—Jun 28, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 2027
Nov 9—Dec 13, 2020
CHF 1950 ≈USD 2027


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About the course

Become confident in your innovation skills with this personalized online program You want to drive innovation more effectively in your organization, moving beyond standard business models to learn lessons from successful innovators. Disruptive Innovation equips you with skills to think more creatively and apply your ideas more effectively.

You will grow as a knowledge professional, learning to apply strategic thinking to ensure innovations are implemented to maximum effect. You will think and act more flexibly, enabling you to shape the future of your own evolving work context with imagination and inventiveness.

You will also learn concrete techniques to help you nurture a culture of innovation within a team or organization, by maximizing the talent and creativity of those around you.

Supercharge your creative thinking skills

Plan strategically to make sure your best ideas are implemented successfully

Boost the chances of making your innovations stick

Learn how to foster innovation in others

Disruptive innovation - your learning journey

This online course is 5 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and to build good habits to master new approaches to innovation.

Unit 1 - Disruptive Innovation: Why Now? Why Me? Why Not?

  • Master the application of S-curve for decision making
  • Understand how innovation drives industry change
  • Think like disrupter, including business model innovation

Unit 2 - Jumping The S-curve

  • Organizational sustainability requires jumping the S-curve, here you will learn the tools needed to do that
  • Learning from others (forward pollination, bringing ideas from other industries can help my business)
  • Intro to lean start-up and design thinking

Unit 3 - Business Model Innovation

  • Understand the core principles of design thinking
  • Become familiar with the Business Model Canvas as a simple but powerful tool to think about your business
  • Apply design thinking principles to identify innovation potential in your business

Unit 4 - Innovation is a Social Phenomenon

  • Innovation is, in it's heart a social phenomenon involving teams and culture
  • Become familiar with the concept of conversation engineering
  • Be able to apply this concept to your context

Unit 5 - Innovative Organizations Deserve Innovative-Thinking Leaders

  • Think what explorer mindset looks like in leaders
  • Defeat legacy thinking
  • Address new leadership competencies

Your Professional Learning Coach

How we are helping you

You will have a dedicated learning coach, making sure you receive a highly individualized learning experience.

Your professional learning coach accompanies you through your 5-week learning journey on this Disruptive Innovation course. They provide support and feedback as you apply your learning directly into your workplace, where it has an immediate impact.

Their input helps you translate your learning to your particular context. By spreading this feedback regularly throughout the program, you'll be sure to embed your ongoing learning directly in your daily work.

Your professional learning coach interacts with you via video, in writing and over the phone. You have calls, spread across the 5-weeks, at intervals that consolidate your learning.

Your learning coach helps you:

  • Define your learning objectives
  • Review your progress on a weekly basis
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Translate what you learn to your own context

Who should attend

Disruptive Innovation is designed for executives who need to fulfil the role of strategic leader in a time of great turbulence, specifically leaders who are struggling to think strategically in a fast moving world and who need to find innovative solutions to new and evolving scenarios.

Trust the experts

William (Bill) Fischer

William A. Fischer is a Professor of Innovation Management at IMD. He co-founded and co-directs the IMD program on Driving Strategic Innovation, in cooperation with the Sloan School of Management at MIT and also authors a regular column for Forbes.com entitled “The Ideas Business,” (http://blogs....


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