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Dec 16—18, 2019
3 days
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 3195 ≈USD 3535
EUR 1065 per day
Mar 9—11, 2020
3 days
Leuven, Belgium
EUR 3195 ≈USD 3535
EUR 1065 per day
Jun 22—24, 2020
3 days
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 3195 ≈USD 3535
EUR 1065 per day


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About the course

You cannot underestimate the impact of digitisation on your organisation. New technologies create new opportunities for business – and new challenges as well. This programme addresses the most recent opportunities and challenges of various technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobile, social media, and big data. Master the key principles of digital strategy and learn how to identify digital initiatives that leverage the transformative power of digitisation and give your organisation a competitive edge in a redefined ecosystem.

Why This Programme?

If you are looking for a comprehensive education in the most current topics and trends in Digital Strategy to bring your digital strategy to the next level, this programme will help you acquire the knowledge, insights and skills.

What is the added value of following the programme 'Digital Strategy' programme for you and your company?

  • Understand the transformative impact of digitisation
  • Gain more insight into how to win with technologies such as IoT, machine learning, mobile, and social in your business
  • Discover which digital initiatives you can develop in order to increase revenue
  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of how to monitor and measure your digital initiatives and evaluate success

Detailed Programme

The 3-day programme 'Digital Strategy' consists of 6 modules that collectively cover the key building blocks of digital strategy: introduction to digital strategy; the context of digital strategy; digitisation of business processes; identifying and planning digital initiatives; organising for digital strategy; evaluating digital strategy and initiatives.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Strategy

  • What is a digital strategy and why is it important?
  • What does digitisation mean and how can it transform your organisation?
  • What are the key tech and market trends that affect digital strategy?

Module 2: The Context of Digital Strategy

  • What are the building blocks of digital strategy?
  • How does digitisation impact the organisation’s strategy?

Module 3: Digitisation of Business Processes

  • How does digitisation impact the organisation’s processes, products and services, and generate new business opportunities?
  • How do you digitise your organisation’s internal and external processes

Module 4: Identifying and Planning Digital Initiatives

  • How to identify digital initiatives that support digital strategy
  • How to leverage technology in support of the business processes

Module 5: Organising for Digital Strategy

  • How to organise for the effective implementation of digital strategy

Module 6: Evaluating Digital Strategy and Initiatives

  • How to sustain a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace
  • How to measure and evaluate the success of digital initiatives

Who should attend

  • General Managers or Managing Directors who understand the power of digital strategy
  • Marketing directors/managers involved in the development of digital strategy
  • I CT directors/managers involved in formulating and/or implementing digital strategy
  • Innovation directors/managers who would like to integrate digitisation in innovation strategy
  • Other professionals fascinated by the impact of digitisation on business

Trust the experts

Steve Muylle

Steve delivers actionable insight that allows firms to maximise the value of and for customers, offline and online.Steve obtained his Master’s degree and PhD in Business Engineering at Solvay Management School, Belgium, and was an ICM Doctoral Fellow and a Visiting PhD Student at the Owen Graduat...


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Digital Strategy Programme at Vlerick

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