Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education

Available dates

Jul 9—10, 2020
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 3000 ≈USD 4119
GBP 1500 per day
Nov 5—6, 2020
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 3000 ≈USD 4119
GBP 1500 per day


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About the course

Over the last decade, 'born digital' companies such as Facebook, Google and Alibaba have led the way as key innovators in their industry. The challenge today is for organisations across a wide range of sectors to transform their strategy and ways of organising through digital technologies to be innovative and competitive. Making this transition requires a rethinking and a widening of the lens of innovation, which is now possible with the help of digital technologies. For a senior manager, this requires creative confidence. It also requires there to be a change in the way the organisation itself operates, transforming itself from the inside-out to embrace the business ecosystem. To do so implies a change in how teams traditionally work to emphasise creativity and cross-functional arrangements to build innovation. At the heart of these changes is the need to develop a culture which will support digital working, one which requires agility as well as the tolerance of failure within organisations, and an understanding of new customer behaviours. This programme equips managers to make this full embrace towards being a successful digital organisation ready to compete for the future.

In this programme, we will provide methodologies and frameworks as well as critical thinking to help you re-think how you lead the transformation of your organisation through digital innovation. For example, we shall look at breakthrough digital innovations such as the Internet of Things and the implications for smart manufacturing. We will examine how blockchain technology is disrupting trust intermediation in financial services and mobile platforms are enabling financial inclusion in emerging economies. We adopt a multi-facetted approach, developing capabilities on digital innovation, designing services, ecosystem leadership, creative cross-functional teams, and successfully transitioning to a digital enterprise.

Where do the opportunities lie?

The programme will enable delegates to identify how digital technologies can shape strategy and lead decision-making. We also identify ways in which new digital technologies can be adapted into the culture and allow people at all levels of the business to understand and use them in ways that benefit the organisation.


Topics covered (this list is not exhaustive) include:

  • Developing a vision for digital innovation for your organisation
  • Build your leadership skills and practices to be effective in a digital organisation
  • Re-inventing your strategy and value creating approaches to take advantage of digital
  • Developing your team to work creatively
  • Transforming your organisation and managing resistance to change in embracing digital
  • Effectively digitising business processes to meet changing customer behaviours
  • Creatively designing and scaling-up digital services for customers and across the ecosystem

Exploiting state-of-the-art research developed in Cambridge, this programme aims to provide you with inspiration, new thinking and knowledge that may enhance your creative and innovative abilities for business competitiveness.


You will learn from outstanding faculty of Cambridge Judge Business School who research on, and specialise in digital innovation, technology, leadership and organisational development.

They will draw from their latest research and those of their peers around the world. They have had extensive experience teaching managers and executives across different parts of the CXO suite including CEOs, CIOs, or CTOs. You will gain a truly international experience from your global peer group at the course.

On completion of this practical and fast-paced two-day programme you will:

  • Have the tools and techniques for designing innovative digital solutions
  • Be able to apply digital innovation frameworks to enhance strategy and competitiveness
  • Develop cross functional teams for successful innovation
  • Understand how to manage the transition in becoming a more effective digital organisation
  • Develop a leadership strategy to successfully scale innovation across your ecosystem.

Who should attend

  • Managers wishing to develop digital innovation through cross-functional teams
  • Executives in charge of digital innovation (CIOs, CTOs)
  • Mid to senior business managers involved in transforming their organisation through innovation
  • Executives wishing to widen their lens of innovation beyond the organisation

Trust the experts

Michael Barrett

Professor of Information Systems & Innovation Studies Director of Research Fellow of Hughes Hall BSc (University of the West Indies), MSc (University of Ottawa), MBA (McMaster University), PhD (University of Cambridge) Research interests Digital innovation and university-based ecosystems...


Philip Stiles

Philip developed the Global Human Resource Research Alliance, a research group involving 30 companies worldwide - American Express, BAE Systems, BT, EDF, GE, General Mills, IBM, IKEA, Infosys, Matsushita, Oracle, Procter and Gamble, Rolls-Royce, SANYO, Sealed Air, Shell, Siemens, TCL, TNT, and Un...


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