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Masterclass in Digital Health Innovation
Nov 11—12, 2019
2 days
Frederiksberg, Denmark
EUR 1950 ≈USD 2191
EUR 975 per day

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Understand the changing landscape of digital healthcare, find new business opportunities and learn tools for more valuable and robust innovations.

New digital products and solutions are at the center of an emerging transformation of healthcare. Companies entering and competing in this environment need to understand this changing landscape.

Changes redefine the opportunities and the context for innovations and the way innovations must be developed to become competitive. From this masterclass participants obtain a deeper and more actionable understanding of key changes in the landscape. With help from university and industry experts they learn and practice crucial tools to make their innovations more competitive.


After the masterclass you will be able to:

  • Direct your innovation efforts more effectively in the changing landscape of digital healthcare.
  • Analyse, compare the way platforms in digital health shape and affect the innovation agenda of their
  • ecosystems.
  • Better understand the changing context defined by these platforms for third party innovating firms, their
  • options and their need for an innovation strategy.
  • Unpack the conditions for start-ups and novel solutions in Danish Digital Health. See the differentiating
  • factors between success and failure for entrepreneurs in digital health.
  • Understand the strategy and processes of digital innovation in large pharma and medtech firms, and their
  • success in creating digital connectivity though multiple alliances
  • See the ways large healthcare firms undertake global scouting and sourcing of emerging technologies and solutions


The course content focus on five broad topics:

  • New technologies and business strategies are opening new arenas for digital health. One example are the patient support platforms introduced by pharmaceutical firms. We identify their challenges of securing patient involvement and retention and examine platform design solutions that have been successful. Another example is artificial intelligence (AI). Innovating companies often meet challenges in implementation, in finding user acceptance and in designing appropriate business models for AI solutions. We examine a case by bringing to the classroom both the innovating AIcompany and the user organisation.
  • How do platforms shape competition in digital health? We invite innovators of platforms into the programme. We also study platforms designed for hospital management in developing economies, as examples of the way companies can innovate their way into emerging markets in digital health.
  • Public policy, procurement and regulation shape important parts of the innovation landscape in digital health. We examine the implications of these policies on digital health innovation in the Danish case, including firms directly involved in innovations responding to the strategy. We zoom in on the factors affecting success or failure in digital health innovation.
  • Large pharma and medtech companies play a critical role in moving digital solutions forward. Combining internal capabilities with external sourcing and partnerships allow them to overcome the many complexities of digital health care innovation. With experts from Novo Nordisk we examine the 2019 introduction of the connected NovoPen® 6, and the alliance with multiple partners underpinning its connectivity.
  • To stay at the frontier of digital innovation, large pharma and medtech companies invest in global scouting and monitoring of emerging technologies and solutions, with a focus not least on Silicon Valley and China. We examine their efforts and prioritisation in their global technology scouting.

Who should attend

The masterclass is relevant for both SMEs and larger industrial players. It addresses managers with executive or operational responsibilities for identifying, shaping and developing digital innovations in healthcare. The masterclass is also of interest for other stakeholders in the innovation supply chain, such as public organisations on both local, regional and federal level, private and public healthcare institutions, NGOs etc.


Finn Valentin is professor at Copenhagen Business School where he directs its Research Centre on Biotech Business. He is the Director of the MSc program on Innovation in Health care and of the MSc program on BioBusiness and Innovation. Finn Valentin’s research is about science-based firms innovat...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

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Nov 11—12, 2019
2 days
Frederiksberg, Denmark
EUR 1950 ≈USD 2191
EUR 975 per day

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