Available dates

Nov 20—22, 2019
3 days
North Ryde, Australia
AUD 4990 ≈USD 3412
AUD 1663 per day
May 27—29, 2020
3 days
North Ryde, Australia
AUD 4990 ≈USD 3412
AUD 1663 per day


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About the course

The future of leadership and business growth is in design

Design thinking offers a powerful management problem-solving approach. It is a secret to successful innovation, great organisational cultures and powerful brands.

When used alongside traditional management frameworks, design thinking provides the ‘missing link’ to a holistic business approach.

You will learn the fundamentals of design thinking, and how to use it as a powerful accelerant for your business.

Key highlights

Learn from industry experts

Learn the fundamentals of design thinking

Integrate design innovation into your business

Program outcomes

Design Thinking is more than a process: it’s a mindset. Over the three days of this program, you will learn to view existing problems with fresh eyes and achieve significantly better outcomes.

What you'll learn

Day 1: Introduction to the program and your journey

  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Design thinking model
  • Design challenge
  • Engagement
  • Insight

Day 2: Problem-solving approaches

  • Reframing the challenge
  • Ideating
  • Rapid prototyping

Day 3: Design thinking in practice

  • Feedback
  • Iterating
  • Storytelling
  • Challenge debrief
  • Taking Design Thinking back to your organisation

Who should attend

  • Executives and Senior Leaders in charge of business units
  • Decision makers in R&D for product or service industries
  • Innovation leaders, responsible for value creation
  • Executives tackling strategic challenges
  • Executives responsible for internal and external client/customer touch points

Trust the experts

Mo Fox

I’m a creative strategist and design thinking expert who gets hired to help people and companies think very differently about the Wicked, messy and often unsolvable problems they have. These might be large logistics projects that are derailing, anything to do with innovation or culture, issues su...


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