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Data Analysis for Healthcare Management

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About the course

In recent years, with the rapid adoption of IT in the Healthcare sector, healthcare organisations are able to capture large amounts of data. These data from a variety of sources are recorded in different forms such as patient medical records, patient satisfaction surveys, patient complaint registers, quality of care assessments, usage statistics of medical facilities, employee satisfaction surveys, employee training reports, purchase registers, journals and ledgers, etc. Effective analysis of these large amounts of organisational data can lead to better decision making. For example, one may discover more cost effective treatment paths which can help in accurate diagnosis of ailments, deliver quicker treatments to patients, improve usage of hospital facilities, help in effective planning, ensure proper allocation of medical and non-medical resources for improving customer satisfaction, etc.


The objective of this programme is to provide an in-depth understanding of concepts and techniques useful for analysis of healthcare data for effective healthcare management.

Programme Coverage

The programme is divided into the following modules:

R Fundamentals: In this module the fundamentals ofusing the R software is discussed. The availability of this high capability free software has revolutionised data analysis in the healthcare domain.

Data Visualisation: In this module participants learn how to effectively use data visualisation methods to communicate the information obtained from the analysis of healthcare data. The pitfalls of an inappropriate choice of data visualisation techniques will also be discussed.

Decision Making with Data: In this module we discuss how effective decisions can be made through proper analysis of data. The module focuses on some of widely used methods of data analysis in the healthcare settings. The emphasis is on proper application and interpretation of the findings of data analysis that are relevant for decision making.

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: In this module we discuss some of the popular tools of predictive analytics in the healthcare context. The use of such tools in improving the quality of healthcare services through adoption of the data-based Six-Sigma methodology will also be discussed.

Financial Data Analysis: In this module participants learn the tenets of cost accounting which will help them to accurately ascertain the cost of various services, departments, products, etc. which can then be used for accurate pricing, cost control and cost reduction, etc. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: In this module participants learn about the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be harnessed to improve decision making.

Who should attend

This programme is intended for senior managers, administrators and decision makers in the healthcare sector who require an in-depth understanding of data analytic concepts and techniques that are needed for better decision making.

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Arnab Laha

Prof. Arnab K Laha is a member of the faculty of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He takes a keen interest in understanding how analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can be leveraged to solve complex problems of business and society. He has published more than 25 paper...


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