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Crash Course on Solving Communication Problems

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About the course

Powerful Techniques for Taking Control of Your Communications Successful people know how to build high-quality relationships with bosses, coworkers, and clients. They are trusted, included, and respected and are able to communicate comfortably with the people they meet.

This webinar explores simple approaches you can use that can turn you into a people “magnet” and make others want to work with you. In addition, you’ll discover ways that you can use these tactics to cope with difficult people and deflect antagonistic comments that would otherwise stop you in your tracks.

What you will cover

The simple, yet powerful tools and tactics you’ll learn in this course are certain to improve your daily interactions with your boss and coworkers. For 90 minutes, this program will reveal the secrets of:

  • Focusing your attitude to take control of your image, your emotions, and your responses
  • Sharpening techniques to prevent and solve people challenges
  • Honing essential communication skills, including listening inquisitively, handling conflict, and positively disagreeing
  • Creating a powerful impact by delivering messages positively and purposefully
  • Mastering the courage to change and to succeed

In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to take charge of your interpersonal relationships, deal with cranky people, and develop a reputation as the person with whom people want to work.

You’ll get a solid blueprint to construct a strategy to improve your career success, with specific ways to boost your communication skills, including:

  • How to analyze your work situations to find new ways to enhance or develop relationships
  • Tips for managing your business image so you can produce positive results
  • How to listen to understand the essentials of what is being said
  • Three techniques to build relationships and develop organizational smarts
  • How to ask for and learn from constructive feedback

With these tools, you can prevent and solve most misunderstandings before they explode into ongoing conflict. Remember that whether you’re dealing with family, friends, or colleagues, you are the catalyst for good communication and relationships.

Join us to discover ways you can boost your image and create a path to greater success.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the communication process and how to respond when it breaks down
  • Learn the importance of trust in management communication
  • Understand the elements that make up the communication dynamic
  • Learn practical tools for dealing with other people

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