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Dubbed the "West Point of publishing" for its rigorous nature and for the consistently high caliber of its students, the course is aimed primarily at recent college graduates but other applicants are not discouraged. Many students have worked in publishing briefly and would like to broaden their understanding of the field or have decided to make a career change from an unrelated field. Most applicants have majored in English and the humanities but the choice of college major is incidental to acceptance. Many of our students have majored in other disciplines, such as art, economics, business, law, music and the sciences.

Students with a demonstrated interest in publishing have always gained the most from the course. Many types of interests, work or volunteer experiences can be considered related to publishing, including:

  • Publishing internships
  • Photography, graphic arts, sales or marketing experience
  • College or high school newspapers, literary journals, blogs, etc.
  • Bookstore, library, and/or office experience

Because of other available educational opportunities, the course does not emphasize instruction in journalism or creative writing. Applicants with writing experience who seek new ways to apply their skills within the world of publishing – as editors, publicists, designers, marketing and business managers or publishers – are encouraged to apply.

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Shaye Areheart

Shaye Areheart is the director of the Columbia Publishing Course, both in New York City and in Oxford, England. For thirty‐one years, she worked as an editor at Doubleday and Company, now Doubleday Knopf, and at the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. She began her c...


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