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Human Capital Institute

Coaching for Engagement and Performance Certification

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May 8—9
USD 1995
May 30—31
2 days
Chicago, IL, USA
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USD 997 per day
Jun 3—4
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Drive productivity, empower teams, and support revenue growth with forward-focused coaching strategies

In this one-of-a-kind certification course, you’ll learn how to leverage coaching to improve the way you develop your talent. You’ll gain the tools necessary to cascade coaching skills and capabilities to managers and leaders throughout your organization, maximizing potential and driving growth across the enterprise.

Why Should You Attend?

Organizations need managers and leaders who use coaching skills to empower employees to achieve organizational goals. Managers are expected to coach, but aren’t given the tools and knowledge necessary to coach effectively and aren’t held accountable for the impact coaching has on teams and the business.

The business impact is real. HCI research has shown that, year over year, organizations that effectively leverage coaching consistently realize higher revenue growth than peer companies that don’t embrace coaching. By equipping employees with the tools and knowledge to respond, problem-solve, and adapt in real time, managers and leaders realize tangible benefits such as improved team functioning, increased engagement, faster leadership development, and increased productivity.

HCI’s Coaching for Engagement & Performance Certification Course gives strategic HR leaders a scalable, actionable framework for building coaching skills and abilities into the fabric of their organization, transforming the manager-employee relationship and driving measurable business results.

Learn the attributes of a strong coaching culture, powered by research and real company outcomes, and how you can immediately begin to be more effective in your use of coaching across the organization.

Be given a complete roadmap for implementing, integrating, and communicating a coaching approach, with emphasis on the competencies and tools for managers and leaders using coaching skills.

Learn to improve organizational results through coaching among all employees, while addressing (and helping change) the negative connotation of coaching being a remedial measure that it has carried in the past.

Gain innovative and practical models, tools, and techniques for embedding coaching behaviors and activities in your organization.

Course Outline

Phase 1: DEFINE

What is a Culture of Coaching?

Introduction to Coaching

Culture of Coaching

Coaching, Development and Performance

Business Impact of a Coaching Culture

Managers Using Coaching Skills

Phase 2: DESIGN

What Infrastructure is Right for your Organization?

Coaching Skills Assessment

Designing a Coaching for Engagement and Performance

Phase 3: DEVELOP

How to Implement a Coaching Culture

Coaching Culture Realities

Driving Adoption of a Coaching Culture

Activating a Coaching Culture

Who should attend

This curriculum is for professionals looking for a way to get started with and/or effectively leverage the impact of a new model for coaching in their organization. Some of the roles that will benefit from obtaining the Coaching for Engagement and Performance designation include:

  • HR Practitioners, Managers and Leaders
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Director of Learning
  • Leadership Development Manager
  • Business Unit Managers and Directors
  • Organizational Development Specialist or Consultant
  • Communications Managers or Specialists
  • Field HR Manager
  • Any individual who oversees coaching activities or programs


Mark Allen is an educator, speaker, consultant, and author who specializes in talent management, corporate universities, and human resources. He is the author of Aha Moments in Talent Management, The Next Generation of Corporate Universities, and The Corporate University Handbook. In 2017, he was...
Jeanne Kerr has been a Sr. Faculty member with HCI since 2012. She is also the Director of Assessments and OD for Dale Carnegie Major Accounts and the Principle of Talent Insight Group, LLC. Jeanne has over 20 years of organizational development, instructional design and delivery, human capital s...
Michele Croci is an expert Human Resource/Human Capital professional with 36 years of diverse experience designing and establishing enterprise- wide integrated talent management systems in diverse industries including electronics/entertainment, healthcare, insurance, banking, high-tech, and gover...


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Detailed Description
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