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Learning and Organizational Change

Available dates

May 3—4, 2020
2 days
Evanston, Illinois, United States
USD 3400
USD 1700 per day


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About the course

Continuous change and the demand for innovative solutions in workplaces creates complex challenges for leaders. You constantly face new problems or opportunities that are filled with unknowns, require you to make judgment calls, and have layers of criteria upon which to measure success. Plans quickly go stale. So now you want the people you lead to be more agile, to adopt a more human-centered mindset through design thinking, to become continuous learners. But making that shift is a difficult journey. This course will help you explore how to make that shift as a leader - to lead with both design approaches and learning.

What Questions Will We Answer

  • How does a design approach apply to broader business challenges? How might we design for change?
  • Leading teams that use design approaches means giving them autonomy to explore and solve challenges. How do we do that as leaders while still moving toward desired outcomes?
  • Where are the key points where we co-create with our teams and the stakeholders who are impacted by our solutions?
  • How do we prototype solutions designed to change organizational outcomes?
  • What is the connection between design approaches and learning? What do we need to know about learning to lead it effectively?

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Learn how to approach organizational challenges using design methods and understand co-creation and learning as key elements.
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership role to better facilitate teams as they use design approaches to continuously discover new opportunities and develop new solutions.
  • Practice with tools and approaches on a current challenge you face - and learn how to adapt them to your specific role and setting.

Who should attend

  • Executives and senior leadership team members in organizations of all types.
  • Senior managers or team leaders who are responsible for organizational change.
  • Experienced designers and consultants who want to help facilitate organizational transformation.

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