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About the course

You'll look at the background to the subject, all the latest regulation and perform detailed portfolio analysis steps to fulfil disclosure requirements. You will learn the requirements for portfolio analysis, approaches and adequate tools.

You will cover:

  • The regulatory requirements on climate risk disclosure and likely developments in the future
  • The approach to quantitative asset and portfolio-based climate risk and opportunity analysis
  • How to design and conduct a portfolio analysis project from scoping to disclosure
  • How to integrate analysis and disclosure as an automated and continuous process
  • How to read and compare climate risk disclosures from investees
  • The way ahead of risk analysis and reporting for the whole set of sustainable development goals

Why take this course

The financial impact of climate change is the key topic in financial risk management and disclosure today. Authorities, such as the Prudential Regulatory Authority and BoE are imposing regulations on financial institutions to adequately and quantitatively assess climate related risks and opportunities on equity and credit portfolios.

The Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) has developed a powerful framework and the EU action plan on sustainable finance is readily taking it up.

Agenda Summary

An Introduction to Climate Risk Assessment

  • What are the financial risks of climate change?
    • Definition of physical and transition risks
    • Understand the different time scales of climate risks
    • How are climate risk metrics mapped to financial numbers?
  • Examples of divestment as a reaction to climate risks
    • Allianz
    • BlackRock
    • European Investment Bank


  • Estimate climate-related GDP damage for different markets under different climate scenarios
  • Discuss possible impact on asset values and possible impact on financial markets stability

Legal Background in UK, Continental Europe and Rest of World

  • BoE / PRA’s policies
  • France’s article 173
  • EU non-financial reporting guidelines and law-making process
  • Climate risk disclosure at major ex-Europe financial hubs

Group Discussion Current experience with financial climate legislation around the globe

The TCFD Framework and Recommendations

  • How is the TCFD set up and what is its relation to other frameworks
    • EU taxonomy
    • EU NFRS
  • Details of the TCFD framework
  • TCFD recommendations for Financial Services
  • Introduction to scenario analysis as key building block of risk assessment

Exercise Map the TCFD framework to your portfolio and perform a qualitative estimation of risks and opportunities

Evaluating Climate Risk

  • Legislation is striving for Net-Zero emissions from building emissions by 2050 (NL)
  • Politics issues subsidies for electric car purchase (DE)
  • A process company is unable to continue production in an extended heat wave (DE)
  • A country’s agrobusiness is suffering three years of drought in a row (DE)
  • A global machine producer is supplying coal mining equipment (AUS)

Practice Examples From the Industry

  • HSBC Pension: Typical pension fund
  • AXA asset management from a global insurer’s perspective
  • Landsec climate risk analysis from a real estate viewpoint
  • Climate risk disclosure of oil and gas companies
  • Strengths and weaknesses of today’s solution landscape

Exercise Exploring the TCFD knowledge hub

The Use of Scenario Models

  • Climate economy models
  • Interests and expectations from scenario-based disclosure
  • Challenges to corporate transparency, comparability, completeness
  • Enhancing the understanding and use of scenarios

Exercise Usie a scenario designer to understand how scenarios are constructed and what they mean. Use the provided toolset to perform a quantitative, scenario-based analysis of risks and opportunities in your portfolio

Implementing Financial Climate Risk Portfolio Analysis and Disclosure

  • Phased approach
  • Scoping of analysis
  • Tool and scenario selection
  • Execution of analysis
  • Embedding climate risk assessment into regular risk management process

Exercise Design a blueprint approach (incl. roadmap) for TCFD analysis implementation

Likely Developments within Climate Risk

  • Internal knowledge build-up for climate risk and opportunity management
  • Extension of disclosure requirement along the supply chains and towards SMEs
  • Inclusion of biodiversity risk
  • Extension to SDG investment
  • Strategic opportunities for the Net-Zero transition
  • Optimising risk and investment strategies for the Net-Zero transition


Christian Spindler

Christian Spindler is a recognised expert in climate risk analysis and management. After gaining both a PhD in Physics and an MBA, Christian Spindler has gained extensive experience in the data science and AI industries. He has also delivered a broad range of management consulting for data analyt...

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Climate Risk & Tcfd at IFF Training

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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