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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Apr 27—May 1, 2020
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 4950 ≈USD 3683
CAD 990 per day

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Innovation is the #1 strategic driver that grows business. Gain insight and comprehensive expertise in essential areas of focus, including innovation fundamentals, planning innovation, design thinking, process and the practice, and leading innovation.

Benefit from hands-on and peer-to-peer learning during in-class exercises and case studies, and take advantage of leading-edge teaching tools, including an innovation playbook of techniques and frameworks, your personal FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Profile, and targeted and relevant take-away articles on applying innovation.

You’ll boost your strategic leadership skill set while simultaneously finding new ways to create value for your customers and organization. Learn to identify opportunities and challenges that inform new strategies; use design thinking to foster and accelerate innovation; and lead successful innovation projects. Gain insight on how culture impacts leadership success and how to influence stakeholders to gain momentum.

What You Will Learn

  • How to link innovation planning to your current and future business strategies
  • Lead successful innovation initiatives in any area of your organization
  • Target areas of your organization where you need strategic innovation
  • Learn how culture impacts leadership success
  • Apply design thinking to innovation efforts
  • Embed an innovation process in your team or organizational approach
  • Execute innovations through change management and innovation planning

Course content details

Innovation: The Fundamentals – Day 1

1: The Essential Links

  • Defining innovation in your organization
  • Determining the appropriate level and type
  • Identifying strategic levers

2: Innovation as a Practice

  • Applying the FOURSIGHT™ profile
  • Key principles of creative thinking
  • Overcoming barriers

Planning Innovation – Day 2

3: The Challenges of Leading an Innovating Organization

  • Critical nature of innovative thinking
  • Challenges of leading innovation
  • Effective risk assessment

4: How Much and What Kind of Innovation Do You Want?

  • From incremental to disruptive
  • Forces driving relentless change
  • Ensure you and your organization arenot ‘blindsided’

Design Thinking – Day 3

5: Innovative Company Site Visits

  • Site visits with an emphasis on culture, space and engagement

6: Implications for Innovation

  • The critical nature of insights
  • The design process and application

The Process and the Practice – Day 4

7: Innovation as a Process

  • The four-step innovation process
  • Develop expertise in each critical step

** 8: Making Innovation Happen**

  • Building the case for change
  • Determining the level and degree of organizational change
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Developing stakeholder influencing strategies

Leading Innovation – Day 5

9: The Culture of Innovation

  • Culture as an enabler
  • How a culture can suppress innovation
  • Transforming an existing culture into an innovative one

10: Leading Breakthroughs

  • Leading self, teams and enterprise wide innovations
  • Mindset, tool set and skill set Integration

Integration of Competencies

Key Program Take-Aways

  • An innovation playbook capturing all tools, techniques and frameworks
  • Your personal FOURSIGHT™ Breakthrough Thinking Profile
  • Targeted and relevant take-away articles on applying innovation
  • A network of current innovation practitioners and thought leaders
  • One 2-hour innovation coaching session

Who should attend

Recommended for all leaders who want to develop the capability to lead and manage innovation – from strategic planning to operational initiatives.

  • Directors, vice-presidents and senior managers of business units
  • National, regional and international division managers
  • Strategic planners and corporate advisers
  • IT operations, marketing, sales, quality and manufacturing managers
  • Functional department heads
  • Public sector departmental leaders
  • Leaders on critical organizational priorities


Biography David S. Weiss received his doctorate from the University of Toronto and has three Master’s Degrees in psychology, education and philosophy. David is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and has been honoured with the “Distinguished Lecturer” certificate from the Government of Canada....
Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost management consultants, public speakers, authors and thinkers on change and leadership. He has 20 years’ experience as a professional speaker and consultant, and speaks internationally at more than 40 conferences a year on topics including innovation...
Lee-Anne McAlear is Program Director, Centre of Excellence in Applied Innovation Management for the Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University. Lee-Anne is an experienced facilitator, writer, consultant and speaker with a background in innovation, leadership development, strategic plann...
Program Director, Centre of Excellence in Innovation Management, author and founding partner of Mitchell Consulting. Megan is one of Canada’s top innovation practitioners with over 20 years experience in innovation, marketing, sales, HR and leadership. Her passion is leadership effectiveness to b...


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