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Who should attend

The Certificate in Business Process Management and CPBPM certification is open to professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of process improvement techniques, namely, managers with responsibility for business improvement, organization members actively on process teams, consultants, and process change agents from many diverse job functions. This dynamic program is a perfect fit for IT professionals, quality control specialists, procurement/acquisition.

About the course

Master a strategy to prioritize core business processes that will have the greatest impact on an organization’s key business objectives. By earning a 100% online Certificate in Business Process Management from Villanova University, you’ll learn methodology that identifies, evaluates and improves business processes to help your organization reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, minimize errors and risk, and become more agile.

This program defines business process management (BPM), explains how and why it is used, examines its best practices and how to avoid its pitfalls. You’ll also be taught the methodology’s six phases and the metrics, tools, and roles used when carrying out effective BPM.

The Certificate in Business Process Management program tightly aligns with Villanova’s existing Lean Six Sigma, project management, Agile and business analysis concepts, making it a vital component of Villanova’s suite of process improvement programs.

Learn the Latest BPM Skills

Developing a deep understanding of process metrics and key tools in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies is a critical focus of this program. You’ll also learn essential process concepts such as:

  • Business and technology drivers of BPM
  • Identifying process opportunities
  • Developing strategic business cases for improvement
  • Becoming a Process Based Organization (PBO)
  • Using Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • Leveraging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management planning strategies
  • Lean Six Sigma techniques for data-based decision making
  • Change management techniques
  • Proper business architecture alignment
  • Innovation and sustainability

Get Certified in Business Process Management

By successfully completing the three-course track and optional certification exam, you will earn the Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM) credential from Villanova.

The CPBPM exam draws on information from all three required BPM courses. Successfully completing the program and passing the associated certification exam allows you to earn both the certificate and CPBPM credential, which validates your understanding of the core concepts of the program.

Required Courses

Essentials of Business Process Management

Strengthen your skills with the Essentials of Business Process Management course. During this 100% online certificate training course, you can gain a deep understanding of the benefits of BPM throughout your organization. This is the first course leading toward earning a certificate and Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM) certification and allows you to leverage critical concepts to manage process success.

The business process management (BPM) methodology identifies, evaluates and improves business processes, helping organizations reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, minimize errors and risk, and become more agile. In this course, we define BPM, explain how and why it is used and examine best practices and pitfalls when using it. We explore in detail the six phases of the methodology and the metrics, tools and people used when carrying out BPM.

This business process management training course focuses on the overall benefits of BPM within an enterprise, and the key business and technology drivers needed for overall proper alignment with essential business objectives. The course curriculum explains what qualities successful organizations possess, and how to create winning BPM business cases. You’ll also leverage fundamental project planning and Lean Six Sigma tools that can help drive effective BPM projects and process management. Plus, you can learn critical BPM best practices and change management skills to become a process leader within your organization.

What You’ll Study

  • BPM Overview
  • Project Management and Process-Based Organizations
  • Change Management and Managing Conflict
  • Business Architecture and Six Phases
  • Leadership
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Innovation and Sustainability


8 Week Course

BPM Overview

  • Course Outcomes and Overview
  • Introduction
  • BPM Defined and Goals
  • History of BPM
  • Business Process Concepts and Organization
  • Case Study

Project Management and Process-Based Organizations

  • Project Management overview
  • Process-Based Organizations
  • Rigid Iron Triangle
  • SWOT
  • Management by Project
  • Project Implementation and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Critical Factors for Project Success
  • 7M Tools
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge and Project Control

Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions

The second course in the Villanova University Business Process Management three-course track, Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions focuses on the six phases of BPM methodology: assessment, design, modeling, implementation, monitoring and modification.

Villanova has BPM experts to provide you with a detailed explanation, overview and insight into successful business process management implementations. This eight-week course teaches you critical Lean Six Sigma techniques for effective data analysis and essential project planning concepts for streamlined BPM project management – just some of the differences that set this program apart. Plus, you’ll acquire the skills to effectively manage process improvement initiatives and a valuable credential that will impress employers and higher-ups.

What You’ll Study

Setup for Six Phases

  • BPM Objectives and Benefits Review
  • BPM Methodology Review
  • BPM Tool and Document Review
  • Measurements and Metrics
  • Project Management and Planning Concepts
  • BPM Project Teams and Planning
  • Team Building

Leadership Assessment Phase

  • Assessment Phase Overview
  • Assessing with Process Management Focus
  • Assessing with LSS Focus
  • Data Mining in the Assessment Phase
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Mapping the “As-Is” Activities
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Task-Level Charts (Inputs/Outputs)
  • Defining the BPM Project Scope

Design Phase

  • Design Phase Objectives
  • Planning for the Solution
  • Defining and Communicating Expected Design Outcomes
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators
  • Data analysis and Graphical representations of data
  • Evaluating Design Options
  • Stakeholder Roles in the Design Phase
  • Characteristics of Effective Designs

Modeling Phase

  • Modeling Overview
  • Modeling Phase Objectives
  • Selecting Appropriate Data
  • Quantifying Process Models
  • Data-Based Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Model Validation
  • BPM Simulation
  • Modeling to Minimize Risk
  • Implementation Phase

  • Implementation Objectives

  • Implementation Planning – from PMP® Certification Perspective

  • Implementation Plan – Process Within the Process

  • BPM Stakeholders

  • Work Transition Planning

  • Communication and Change Management

  • Documentation and Standards

Monitoring Phase

  • Monitoring Objectives
  • LSS Techniques for Data Analysis
  • Capturing and Understanding Process Metrics
  • Process and Sub-Process Data
  • Problem Identification and Root Cause Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Time-Series Comparisons
  • Qualitative Sources of Feedback
  • Process Accountability – The Process Owner

Modification Phase

  • Modification Objectives
  • Focus on Optimization
  • When to Initiate a Process Change
  • Assessing Process Scope Change
  • Process Owners as Drivers of Modifications
  • IT Systems and Process Changes
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Review of the Six Phases

Look at in Totality

  • Managing Processes
  • Measuring Degrees of Process Orientation
  • Process Adoption
  • Systems and Tools for Retaining BPM Knowledge
  • Sustainability and BPM
  • Innovating with BPM
  • Course Summary


8 Week Course

Setup for Six Phases

  • Explain results-oriented methods used to capture and utilize data
  • Discuss effective ways to manage schedules and teams
  • Describe the critical aspects of documenting activities
  • Discuss project planning concepts and BPM project teams


  • Identify the fundamentals of the assessment phase
  • Utilize proven data collection and usage methods
  • Describe value stream mapping
  • Discuss the essential elements for defining project scope

Advanced Process Strategy & Practices

Empower yourself with the best practices, strategies, knowledge and credentials by completing the capstone course in the Villanova University Business Process Management Certificate program. By completing the Villanova BPM track, which includes a comprehensive project and final exam, you will be in a position to apply your skills to real-world process management situations and achieve the exclusive Villanova certification as a Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM).

This 100% online course is designed to focus on the advantages and characteristics of Process-Based Organizations (PBO), leveraging business architecture and the powerful tools found in Centers of Excellence (CoE), including its embedded workflows, data-decision making and business activity monitoring capabilities. Plus, you’ll gain expertise in knowing how to facilitate BPM adoption within an organization, and mastering the abilities to map, measure and document crucial process data to communicate and deliver organizational results.

What You’ll Learn

BPM Processes

  • Review of Functional Organization and Issues
  • Halfway – BPM in Functional Organizations
  • BPM as a Means of Organizing
  • Redesigning Functional Hierarchies
  • Overview of 3 Process Categories
  • Applying BPM to Support Functions
  • Applying BPM to Management Functions

Impacts on Process-Based Organizations

  • Managing Cooperation and Integration
  • PBOs and Becoming Data-Centric
  • HR Impacts on BPM
  • Change Management and the Importance of People
  • Job Design for Process Intensive Organizations
  • Strategy and Customers Primary Design Guides
  • Moving Decision-Making into the Process
  • Hybrid Organization Structures
  • Hybrid Organization Structure Example

Workflow, Data, and Outsourcing

  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Data, Dashboard and Scorecard
  • Embedded Workflows (ERP)
  • Workflow Engines
  • IT’s Need for BPM Involvement
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Data-Based Decision-Making

Pull it All Together

  • Facilitating BPM Adoption
  • Capturing BPM and Process Know-How
  • Archival Strategies and Systems
  • Organizational Assets and Sources of Competitive Advantage
  • BPM Lessons Learned
  • Change Management Lessons Learned
  • BPM, LSS and PMP® Certification Connections
  • Sustainability and Innovation Lessons Learned
  • Course Summary


8 Week Course

  • BPM as a Segue into Process
  • Identify the uses of BPM for organizing
  • Discuss implementation of BPM in functional organizations
  • Describe ways to apply BPM to various organizational functions

Understanding PBO

  • Summarize the top advantages of PBOs
  • Explain the fundamental characteristics of PBOs
  • Identify strategies for using BPM skills throughout PBO development

*Obtain New Organizational Efficiency Skills and Become a Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM) *

Enhance your expertise with business process management (BPM) strategies and techniques to reduce cost and increase your organization’s response time to demand. Whether you are implementing process improvements, or you are planning to lead your enterprise’s way of doing business, Villanova University’s Certificate in Business Process Management gives you the strategies you need to succeed. This comprehensive BPM certificate program provides you with proven process methodologies to align your company’s processes and leverage critical technology to quickly simulate and model solutions to drive business improvement efforts.

Each Villanova University 100% online business process management training course is led by BPM experts and thought leaders. Through an optimal learning experience that features a video-based learning platform, live virtual class technology and faculty-led discussion boards, you will be able to learn critical process techniques needed for success.

Certificate in Business Process Management at Villanova University

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