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Business Ethics for Leaders

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About the course

Change in business ethics is on fast-forward and leaders are being called on to create workplace environments that are consistent with the new normal. This session focuses on the role that managers have in not only recognizing the challenges faced in the contemporary workplace, but also in adapting their environment to create a culture that balances the needs of all stakeholders. Through active case analysis we will examine the changes we are seeing today, including the #MeToo movement, and the various methods for ethical decision making and their connection to the principles of good governance.

Why this Program?

Businesses operate within a complex environment of legal, ethical and governance related issues. This session will provide managers with the tools to not only recognize these issues, but also to resolve them effectively and efficiently.

Our approach to examining business ethics will be based on models and different methods for moral reasoning. As managers you are required to make decisions that will not only impact your company, but also the various stakeholders that depend on your organization. Each decision results in certain consequences and through this program you will gain a practical tool kit to draw upon when you find yourself confronted with difficult managerial decisions, choices and/or options.

Ethical behaviour starts with management and an organization built on sound ethical principles serves as a benchmark by which all stakeholder groups will be measured.

Learning Outcomes & Goals

  • To introduce participants to different models and methods for moral reasoning.
  • To contrast rational choice models with moral reasoning models within an environment consisting of ethical, moral and legal obligations as well as corporate social responsibility.
  • To understand that the culture adopted by an organization is directly related to the ethical and moral standards of both directors and management/staff.

Who should attend

This program is ideally suited for senior leaders, including C-suite and Boards of Directors.

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Rick Powers

After receiving his MBA and LLB from Queen’s University, Rick worked as a corporate lawyer for a national Canadian law firm. He later served as Corporate Counsel for Honda Canada Inc., before joining the University of Toronto. After teaching and serving in several administrative roles at the Univ...


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