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Business Economics

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Supply and demand. Cost-benefit analysis. Resource allocation. In this certificate program, you will explore the applications of key microeconomic concepts to build the critical business foundation every manager needs to make effective decisions. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of international trade, labor markets, loan markets, and currency markets, as well as competition between companies. You’ll have the opportunity to make predictions about how prices and quantities will change when market conditions fluctuate and discover different models for pricing, production, and market analysis. Whether you’re a business consultant or analyst, an emerging leader or a experienced executive, you’ll come away with core economic tools you can apply to position your business for success in today’s evolving market landscape.


  • Examining Scarcity and Opportunity Cost
  • Analyzing Price and Equilibrium
  • Conducting Market Analysis and Predicting Price
  • Modeling Perfect Competition
  • Comparing Monopolies and Competition


  • Apply microeconomic concepts to critical business questions
  • Explore the impacts of changes in supply and demand on the price and equilibrium points of your industry
  • Leverage 5 types of non-linear pricing to maximize profit
  • Develop a model of production using a single variable input
  • Analyze economies of scale and the benefits and risks of specialization
  • Identify close substitutes to your industry and predict how they might affect your organization
  • Understand key variables in labor markets, loan markets, and currency markets
  • Examine government interventions and technological advances in markets and how they impact your organization
  • Use the model of perfect competition to analyze both the short-run and long-run equilibriums
  • Examine how monopolies behave
  • Investigate relevant concepts that can help you make business predictions
  • Analyze competitive markets


  • Business Economics Certificate from Cornell College of Human Ecology
  • 40 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Who should attend

  • New, emerging, and experienced leaders
  • Individuals seeking to expand their business management skills
  • Consultants
  • Analysts and researchers
  • Entrepreneurs


PhD Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. (Economics), 2003 MS Columbia University, New York, N.Y. (Industrial Engineering), 1995 BS Royal Military College of Canada, Ontario, Canada. (Engineering Management), 1988 Tom is currently a Senior Lecturer in the department of Policy Analysis and Managem...


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Detailed Description

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On demand
USD 3000

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