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Building PowerPoint Presentations From Excel Data

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About the course

Using Excel™ and PowerPoint™ to Tell the Story of Your Data

We have all sat through boring presentations where every slide is a table of numbers. You might even be guilty of sharing your data in this way.

To present your data in a format that is compelling and memorable requires creating understandable slides that illustrate the message you are trying to convey.

The good news is that putting together a presentation that tells the story of your data is much easier than you think.

This webinar focuses on the efficient presentation of your Excel data in a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll discover how to format and extract key insights from your Excel data and then design effective charts and graphs to help you tell a great story.

Your instructor will demonstrate exactly what steps to take, and you’ll have access to a recorded version of the program to refer back to as you develop future presentations and further refine your skills.

What you will cover

Join us to discover how to create visuals that are easy to understand, how much data to include in your presentation,and the best way to structure your data and create insightful charts and graphs, including: Selecting source data for a chart from non-adjacent ranges or from multiple sheets

  • Preparing data to create a chart or graph
  • Determining which chart types are best for the data being depicted and how to change types quickly
  • Inserting trendlines and adjusting gridlines and axes
  • Choosing color schemes
  • Setting up dynamic charts (those that grow daily, weekly, or monthly) with Excel’s Table feature
  • Creating in-cell charts with Sparklines
  • Graph and chart shortcuts
  • Adding charts and data to PowerPoint
  • Linking charts in PowerPoint
  • Please note: Your instructor will be demonstrating these methods and techniques using PowerPoint and Excel 2016.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Format, select, and prepare source data in Excel
  • Determine the best chart type to use based upon the data being presented
  • Add and link charts to PowerPoint

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BONUS: Paid registrants will also get a single-user license to access a recorded archive of the program for a full year.

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