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Brain Chains – Unleash the Brain's Full Potential in a Hyperconnected, Multitasking World

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About the course

Our brain is our most important tool for achieving success and happiness, but most professionals, even at the very top of organizations, know little about the brain or about how brain science can be utilized for professional success. This session will give you a better, solidly science-based and practical insight in the “user manual” of the human brain. Do you want to achieve the best possible synergy between your amazing brain and your beloved information and communication technology, all while decreasing stress and promoting intellectual productivity, creativity and safety? If so, then this session is for you! Special attention will be paid to the costs of always being connected, multitasking and stress.

Time Allocation - Topics

25% How does our brain help us or hinder us to make decisions and to act?

25% What is stress and how does it influence our body and especially our brain?

10% How good is our brain at multitasking?

10% Are hypertaskers, young people and women better at multitasking?

10% How does always being connected to our ICT affect our decisions?

10% Is the stress caused by ICT different from other stress?

10% How do open plan offices influence intellectual productivity?


Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Adaptability, Resilience, Creativity, Health, Developmental Perspective, Interpersonal Relations, Judgment, Initiative, Motivation

Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Problem Identification, Selecting and Organizing Information, Evaluating, Alternative Solutions, Specific Plans

Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Decision Making, Guidance, Evaluation, Follow-up

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Theo Compernolle

Dr. Theo Compernolle born in Bruges, Belgium originally trained as a medical doctor, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist. He became an expert on the emotional and relational aspects of leadership and the enhancement of resilience of executives, executive teams and organizations. He is the Suez ...


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