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Box Breaking – Unpacking Fresh Thinking at Work

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About the course

In the business jungle the law is disrupt or be disrupted. The trouble is no-one ever teaches you how to do this kind of creative, disruptive thinking. And how do you think outside the box when you’ve hardly got time to think inside? Guy Browning’s “Box Breaking” session offers a range of powerful and stimulating tools to tackle everyday problems through fresh creative thinking without the need for strange haircuts, group drumming or expensive yoga retreats. This highly interactive and engaging seminar shows how people at any level can use their personal intelligence, insight and imagination to bring startling fresh thinking to any part of the business.

Time Allocation - Topics

10% Introduction

  • Culture: You have corporate permission to innovate, now give yourself permission
  • Connection: The vital importance of seeking out interesting people and ideas
  • Action: Crossing the mental start line to think and act differently

20% Pure Disruptive Thinking

  • What is the box, why are you sitting in it, is it even the right box, how do you get out of it?
  • Demonstration of a full range of practical disruptive thinking techniques
  • Understanding and overcoming the personal barriers to innovation

20% Challenging established ways of working

  • Looking beyond current business constraints
  • Thinking through and round budget, time, people and process.
  • Examining the current ‘rules’ surrounding what you do

20% Constructive Disruption - Planning Your Innovation

  • Mapping your current business environment
  • Determining where the most profitable areas for creative thinking will be
  • Making sure you’ve covered the process and people areas, the functional and emotional
  • Taking a view on the future and where best to position yourself for maximum advantage

20% Cutting through ‘Process Cheese’

  • Once you’d had the idea, how do you make it happen?
  • Managing Innovation within a complex business environment
  • How do you get support from your management and team?

10% War Stories

  • What happens when you’ve ‘hit the jellyfish with the spade’
  • Consequences – intended and unintended – of attempting something different
  • Protecting yourself and your ideas in hostile environments


Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Adaptability, Commitment, Communication, Creativeness, Developmental Perspective, Initiative, Interpersonal Relations

Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Developing Specific Plans, Determining Required Resources, Generate and Obtain Plan Support

Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Delegation, Direction, Coordination, Guidance, Follow-Up

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Guy Browning

Guy Browning combines the two elements essential for a great business communicator: a deep love of business and an indestructible sense of humor. Guy Browning started working life as an advertising copywriter at Darcy Masius Benton and Bowles. He went on to be Creative Director at The Added Value...


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