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About the course

Improve your board leadership skills.

Navigating boardroom dynamics and clearly understanding the role each board member plays is vital to the success and effectiveness of a board.

This programme has arisen out of the recognition that there is a critical need in South Africa to enhance the opportunities for learning and development of directors and company secretaries (current and aspirant) in private and public companies as well as state owned organisations. This programme exposes participants to the latest thinking on board leadership, while equipping participants with the necessary procedural and process skills in the increasingly difficult area of boardroom interaction, leadership and decision making. The programme also focuses on key boardroom acumen, and includes critical topics such as corporate governance and ethics in business, risk management and the impact of global regulatory standards on company results.

How you will benefit

This programme will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Gain insight into King IV TM, the Companies Act (2008) and the Consumer Protection Act 2011;
  • Understand the changing expectations of directors and the personal consequences thereof;
  • Conduct dynamic, constructive board meetings with time-efficient agendas;
  • Compile appropriate documentation for board consideration;
  • Improve your understanding of appropriate board structures and roles of members;
  • Analyse the sourcing, selecting and remunerating of board members;
  • Assess the evaluation and rewarding of board member performance;
  • Understand the impact of global regulatory standards on company results;
  • Discuss risk management and dealing with crises;
  • Unpack corporate governance and ethics in business;
  • Learn how to effectively discharge your duties as a director and the incumbent legal responsibilities thereof;
  • Gain the skills to effectively review the results and report these to stakeholders; and
  • Manage the role of the board as change agent and strategic planner.

Key focus areas

Day one:

  • Ramifications of updated legislation for board members;
  • Global leadership issues;
  • Strategy at board level; and
  • Implications for a non-executive director in the context of King IVTM and the 2008 Companies Act.

Day two:

  • The purpose of the board;
  • Social and ethics committee considerations with an emphasis on health and safety;
  • Ethics in the boardroom; and
  • Board performance and remuneration.

Day three:

  • IT governance and its role in a company strategy;
  • Risk frameworks;
  • Ethics in practice; and
  • Assessment of the board – back at the company.

Who should attend

  • Directors (executive and non-executive);
  • Company secretaries of public and private companies (including state-owned entities); and
  • Representatives of large shareholder groups and investor relations executives will also benefit from this programme.​

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John Ford

Profile John qualified as a CA (SA) with Arthur Young & Co (now Ernst & Young) where he worked for some 12 years. His final position there was that of partner responsible for Computer Audit Education. In 1983 he joined the Wits Business School (WBS) where he attained the position of asso...


Course reviews

CEO / Board Member from South Africa 2011

Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): excellent
Primary takeaway: Understanding the King code of corporate governance, fiduciary duties of board members and sustainability.
Things to improve: Maybe video material as the world is digital. As well as new legislation like Protection of private information, and the consumer protection act.
Industry:tv and media

Board Leadership Programme

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