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Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Benefiting From Risk Management Awareness: Module 5 of the Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Jun 12—13, 2020
2 days
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 1400 ≈USD 1550
EUR 700 per day

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A bird's eye view of the main aspects of risk management that enables decision-makers to become cognizant of its benefits to their organisation.


Understanding and identifying the various types of risk

  • Understanding the scope of risk management
  • Identifying the main sources, impacts and levels of risk
  • Becoming familiar with fundamental tools for risk management

Risk management within a company

  • Risk management as a choice (appetite for risk)
  • Risk management as an integral part of running the business (risk governance):
    • Identifying the key benefits of appropriate risk management in your company
    • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of every person inside the organisation from the risk management perspective
  • Risk management as a state of mind (risk culture)

Who should attend

This programme is designed for professionals of various types (top management, heads of SMEs and micro-businesses, managers and employees) from all sectors of the economy. It will enable you to improve your understanding of the impact your decisions will have on the financial health of your professional activity, project or company, and simultaneously raise your efficiency as a manager.

Key admissions criteria

  • A university-level diploma or equivalent professional experience
  • Proof of motivation and a professional need to take the programme
  • English proficiency (language certificate or proof of studies/work experience in English)
  • Master the basics of Excel


Mathias Schmit has a PhD in Finance from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Brussels), where he is a Professor of Finance and conducts research into banking and microfinance at the Centre Emile Bernheim (a Solvay Brussels School Research Centre). He is regularly invited at IN...
Prof. Carlos Desmet teaches the MBA course in Business Ethics and Compliance Management at BSL. He founded in 2014 an international consultancy firm dedicated to Business Ethics and Compliance Management. He is also convinced that education of emerging leaders is key in that area and teaches main...


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Detailed Description