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Adaptive Leadership Australia

Australian Adaptive Leadership Program

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About the course

Adaptive Leadership is required in uncertain and ambiguous times to develop collective leadership, when reshaping the entrenched habits of work, values and behaviour is demanded for an organisation to thrive.

It acknowledges the day to day work of leadership for which there are known solutions. This is the work you are already good at and rewarded for. But how do you create and lead a spirit and practice of collective leadership throughout your organisation, to move beyond a culture of dependency and blame, or an expectation that you will have the answer to every problem and the ideas for every opportunity?

This is the work of Adaptive Leadership – to develop your capacity to mobilise others to exercise leadership and make systems level change.

What you will learn

We begin with purpose – why you do the work you do, and progress through the complexities of leadership including leading within a system, working with ‘factions’, surfacing conflict, managing power dynamics, collaborative practice, mobilising others to build true collective leadership in your organisation, and building personal resilience.


  • Module 1: Residential Wiseman’s Ferry
  • Module 2: Non-residential Sydney
  • Module 3: Residential Canberra
  • Module 4: Non-residential Sydney
  • Module 5: Residential Wiseman’s Ferry
  • Graduation: Sydney

How will you develop Adaptive Leadership?

We take your personal leadership challenge as our starting point. Our 11-day flagship program sustains your learning over six months together with support after the program’s conclusion to ensure that you are immediately applying new principles and practices in your everyday leadership work.

The program teaches Adaptive Leadership through the progressive approach of the Harvard Adaptive Leadership model and is complemented by interactive and experiential activities. It looks at leadership systemically, through the intersection between you (your personality, values, behaviours, and leadership style) and the context in which you work (the industry, organisation, and team– the spoken and unspoken norms and practices).

A Unique Social Learning Experience

We embed the program in a complex social issue that deepens your understanding of adaptive leadership, the work of collaboration, and social responsibility. In the past, some of these issues have included Racism, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Alcohol-fuelled violence – each of which has richly informed participants’ understanding of the imperative of collective leadership to make progress on complex issues.

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