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Management Concepts

Appropriations Law for Federal Grants

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May 3
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Jun 21
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Jul 26
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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The Red Book (Principles of Federal Appropriations Law) and the budget process impact the implementation and administration of Federal grants. You will develop a working knowledge of appropriations law to help you better navigate the grants process. This includes knowing when appropriated funds are available. This is an elective course in the Federal track of the GMCP™.

Learning Objectives

  • Review court cases, GAO decisions, and statutes relating to issues such as First Amendment limits on congressional authority and lapse of budget authority
  • Explore how an agency identifies and deals with each of the "availability" requirements

Course Topics

Agency Authorization and Appropriations

  • Key Terms of Agency Authorization and Appropriations
  • The Constitutional Basis for Monetary Grants
  • The Budget and Appropriation Process

Rules Governing Funds Availability

  • Statutory Availability Rules
  • Obligation of Funds
  • Principles of Cost Sharing
  • Module Capstone: Americorps Obligations

Who should attend

Federal staff who need to understand appropriations law as it applies to grant programs will benefit from this course.