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Feb 19—21, 2020
3 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Apr 20—22, 2020
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Jun 1—3, 2020
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Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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About the course

Contracting professionals must know how to properly use Federally-appropriated funds to be compliant with Federal appropriations law. Guided by GAO’s Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the Red Book), you will learn to comply with relevant laws and regulations, gain a deeper understanding of contracting and procurement activities, and reinforce understanding through scenario-based exercises. You obtain the crucial background, tools, and techniques to make sound decisions concerning appropriated funds back on the job.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and apply introductory appropriations law terminology and principles
  • Determine the legal availability of appropriations based on purpose by applying the Purpose Law and Necessary Expense Doctrine to contracting and procurement actions
  • Learn how to apply the Bona Fide Need Rule to determine when an appropriation may be obligated
  • Determine the legal availability of appropriations based on amount in contracting and procurement actions, avoiding violations of the Antideficiency Act (ADA)
  • Identify key issues and special considerations for contracting related to ratification, interagency transactions, continuing resolution, and real property

Course Topics

Introduction to Appropriations Law

  • The Foundation of Appropriations Law
  • Interpreting the Law
  • Appropriations Terms and the GAO Red Book

The Purpose Rule

  • The Purpose Law and Necessary Expense Doctrine
  • Purpose Law Applications

The Time Rule

  • Time Rules
  • Severable and Nonseverable Services
  • Time and Contracts

The Amount Rule

  • The Antideficiency Act
  • ADA Violations
  • Consequences of ADA Violations
  • Violation Prevention
  • Amount Rule Application

Other Areas in Appropriations Law

  • Ratification
  • The Economy Act
  • Continuing Resolution
  • Real Property and Other Area
  • Other Appropriations Law Applications

Who should attend

Participants include contracting professionals who deal with money in the federal government and seek to improve job performance and meet mandatory training requirements. Individuals taking this class may hold the positions of contracting officers, CORs, contract or leasing specialists, or technical or functional personnel.

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