Management Concepts

Applications in Business, Cost, & Financial Management

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Nov 18—20, 2019
3 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1609
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Mar 9—11, 2020
3 days
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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Apr 20—22, 2020
3 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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About the course

Once a Federal agency has determined a specific business need, it must initiate a project to satisfy that need. But how can a project manager align that project with the project management principles that support it? Learn foundational concepts such as cost estimating, earned value management (EVM), and Federal budgeting to be successful on your next project. You will also gain the skills to create a business case and budget. This course is verified to meet the requirements for the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) at the Mid-Level.

Learning Objectives

  • Construct and present for evaluation a viable business case based on sound benefit-cost analysis, containing both qualitative and quantitative decision criteria
  • Integrate the common forms of cost estimating and cost analysis into the formulation of financial programs and budgets, budget analysis, and execution
  • Analyze the Federal budgeting process
  • Use Earned Value Management (EVM) to forecast and track program/project performance
  • Create an on-the-job action plan

Course Topics

Business Cases

  • Business Cases
  • Federal Planning
  • Business Case Analysis (BCA)

Cost Estimating

  • Principles of Estimating
  • Cost Estimating Techniques
  • Sensitivity

Federal Budgeting

  • The President's Budget
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Federal Budgeting Cycle
  • Phases of Federal Budgeting
  • Types of Appropriations
  • Budget Submission
  • Categories of Funds
  • Fiscal Law

Using Earned Value Management

  • Performance Measurement Overview
  • PMB
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) Overview
  • EVM Data Elements
  • Types of Performance Comparisons
  • EVM and Risk
  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)

Putting it All Together

  • Lesson Overview
  • Exercise: Construct a Business Case
  • Exercise: Formulate a Program Budget
  • Exercise: Apply Earned Value Management
  • Exercise: Assist in an Integrated Baseline Review
  • Exercise: Course Review

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