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Active Shooters and Armed Attackers in the Workplace

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About the course

Proactively Preventing and Handling Workplace Violence Incidents Cases of workplace violence mass attacks involving armed perpetrators are both rare and catastrophic. Yet for managers, “it can’t happen here” is not an effective preparation strategy.

Recent events have heightened the awareness of the need for employees to follow the national Department of Homeland Security (DHS) protocol: Run-Hide-Fight.

Since all employees are in charge of their own sense of security, they need to know what to do, what not to do, and how to protect themselves and others during these life-changing events.

This empowering webinar offers practical, realistic tools to make your facility a better, safer place to work. Leading security expert Dr. Steve Albrecht uses a mix of real-life events, knowledge of workplace behavior, and security measures to give you practical tactics and insights to prepare for and respond to an active attacker emergency.

What you will cover

This fast-paced and tool-based session will cover:

  • Defining workplace violence events and how and why armed perpetrators typically attack
  • A brief history of active shooter events in the US and lessons learned
  • Recognizing pre-attack behavioral warning signs in current or former employees; customers; strangers; visitors; vendors; or domestic violence perpetrators
  • Deploying the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run-Hide-Fight” recommended protocol; the six-minute DHS video; and related training responses
  • Understanding the police response in the post-Columbine era
  • How to practice and drill with Run-Hide-Fight safely and effectively
  • Discuss the aftermath of these events and the need for organizational, clinical, and community support

Bring safety and peace of mind to your workplace. Your employees will thank you for it.

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Who should attend

Managers, directors, senior leadership, human resource personnel, and anyone charged with protecting their workforce.

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