November 5, 2024

Offline courses

David Eccles School of Business
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is integral to effective leadership. Leaders with EI are keenly aware of their emotions and the emotions of others, and they use those insights to lead, engage and empower those around them. This program will help you hone your EI to make a bigger impact in your...
Nov 5—6, 2024
2 days in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
1,900 USD
Cranfield School of Management
Advance your career with this empowering programme Designed to help you develop your sense of purpose as a senior leader, articulate your ambitions, and navigate challenges. Are you seeking clarity, authenticity and direction in your career progression? Do you need time and insights to...
Nov 5—7, 2024
1 day in Cranfield, United Kingdom
6,200 USD
Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education
Manage talent, improve performance and develop your people. Achieve your strategic objectives with Cambridge Judge’s People and Organisational Effectiveness programme. Achieve sustained organisational success even in times of uncertainty and change. Our People and Organisational...
Nov 5—7, 2024
3 days in Cambridge, United Kingdom
5,179 USD
IMD Business School
Transform your team into a dream team. Build and sustain a high-performance team What does your team look like today? Do your team members excel at collaborating in a constructive, positive way? Can they maximize their creative and innovation potential? What can you do to improve...
Nov 5—7, 2024
3 days in Lausanne, Switzerland
7,968 USD
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Management Concepts
Nov 5—8, 2024
4 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
2,519 USD
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Online courses

Weatherhead School of Management
With current economic times, organizations are placing more and more emphasis on teamwork and employee productivity and efficiency. This course will focus on the many interpersonal aspects of inspiring work through others, as well as the skills needed to manage that work for greater efficiency...
Nov 5, 2024
Online course
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Do you feel that your brand or company culture are too cold, clinical and soulless? Do you feel that your communications are looking tired, homogenised and lack effective saliency? With most brands converging and most communications increasingly impossible to distinguish, this course will...
Nov 5, 2024
Online course