November 10, 2023

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Succeed in the transition to general management responsibility The ESMT flagship program prepares experienced functional-level executives for the transition to an increased level of general management responsibility. Advancing to the next level of leadership implies the acquisition of...
Nov 10, 2023—May 17, 2024
1 day in Stockholm, Sweden
27,490 USD
New York Institute of Finance
Learn how to apply accounting and federal income tax principles to project earnings and cash flows, specifically of the post-combination entity. This course is a component of the M&A Professional Certificate Prerequisite knowledge: Solid understanding of financial accounting and of mergers...
Nov 10, 2023
1 day in New York, New York, United States
1,023 USD
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Crawford School of Public Policy
How to develop strategy in a complex and uncertain landscape No longer can we develop plans, implement them and expect that we get the anticipated results. In a complex and uncertain policy environment, strategy development requires a new way of thinking and working that will enable plans to...
Nov 10—Dec 15, 2023
Online course
1,034 USD