February 21, 2023

Offline courses

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Digitization is changing the face of the Media and Entertainment industry the world over. The smart phones, tablet computers and wireless broadband have made information and entertainment available on the go. We are in a networked world where the geographical boundaries are giving way to...
Feb 21—23, 2023
1 day in Bengaluru, India
1,274 USD

Online courses

Wisconsin School of Business
Shifting the focus from manager to coach. The days of command-and-control leadership as a standard way of managing people are long gone. When managers adopt a coaching mindset and approach it improves employee’s motivation levels and performance, and boosts satisfaction with both their job and...
Feb 21—Mar 9, 2023
Online course
2,295 USD
2 more dates
American Management Association
Determining accurate and realistic baselines for scope, timeline, costs and quality Set your project up for success. Proper planning dramatically increases your odds of meeting project objectives and coming in on time and under budget. In less than 3 hours we’ll give the tools to initiate a...
Feb 21, 2023
Online course