February 8, 2023

Offline courses

Asper School of Business
Enhance your speaking abilities, and learn to speak like a leader, projecting strength and confidence in every interaction. Why This Program? The ability to speak with clarity, conviction and influence is critical to leadership. To be truly effective, leaders must be able to inspire action...
Feb 8—9, 2023
1 day in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1,492 USD
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Olin Business School
Learn how to cultivate insight about what is changing in the world and design solutions and strategy to meet emerging needs. This session goes beyond the tools for thinking about innovation in the abstract and enables participants to drive better innovation during times of uncertainty. We will...
Feb 8, 2023
1 day in St. Louis, Missouri, United States
995 USD

Online courses

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
The Masters Certificate course format appreciates the severe time limitations of today’s corporate employees and encourages active learning. The majority of this program is delivered in 2 or 3 day modules every second week. A short assignment is handed out after each module, creating about an...
Feb 8—Jun 17, 2023
Online course
7,619 USD
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American Management Association
The shift from in-person to virtual meetings requires a specific new skill set in order for leaders and participants to have maximum effectiveness. An effective meeting leader must plan appropriately to keep participants engaged by creating an agenda with clear outcomes. In addition, they must...
Feb 8, 2023
Online course