January 15, 2023

Offline courses

The Wharton School
As M&A activity begins to rebound, growth opportunities are emerging for companies of all sizes in many industries. But seizing these opportunities by managing a merger or acquisition can be one of the greatest challenges faced by an organization. To reap maximum value, leaders must consider...
Jan 15—20, 2023
6 days in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
14,545 USD
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Stanford Graduate School of Business
Learn how to grow and scale your company in this 11-month program ​for CEOs and founders of established businesses in Africa and South Asia. How can you bring Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship to your company? What management skills are required to grow and scale? How can the...
Jan 15—Nov 30, 2023
1 day in Chennai, India
6,000 USD
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Online courses

Kellogg School of Management
Big data and analytics are more than technology and data science problems to be relegated to specialists. In fact, the hardest part of engaging analytics is not the data science or the technology. The major challenge is first identifying the right business problem to solve, and then determine if...
Jan 15—Mar 19, 2023
Online course
2,600 USD
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Imperial College Business School
Imperial Business Analytics: From Data to Decisions will expand your understanding of business analytics and teach you how to use descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify, analyse and solve critical business problems. You will learn to effectively evaluate recommendations...
Jan 15—Apr 15, 2023
Online course
2,239 USD
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