January 5, 2023

Offline courses

SIM Professional Development
It is important for employees to enunciate spoken words confidently and clearly when communicating. Correct pronunciation, clear speech and a good speaking voice are factors which contribute to employees positive corporate image and positive self-esteem. Benefits to You The theoretical...
Jan 5—7, 2023
3 days in Singapore

Online courses

Wisconsin School of Business
Maximize value for your organization by empowering teams to self-organize their work, reducing frustration and delays. As an effective Scrum Master, you need to leverage the Scrum framework to serve and coach teams while delivering value to your organization. In this fully online program, you’ll...
Jan 5—Feb 9, 2023
Online course
UW Professional & Continuing Education
What transportation options make for a livable community and a sustainable transportation system? In this class the student will explore the positives and negatives affecting livability. The student will learn about sprawl and compact cities, energy issues and environmental quality,...
Jan 5—Mar 16, 2023
Online course
1,680 USD
American Management Association
Build trust, commitment, and use agility to meet every business challenge Good business teams produce results during times of prosperity. It’s a different story during times of change and uncertainty, when only prepared and motivated teams have the agility, focus and motivation to successfully...
Jan 5, 2023
Online course